Use of spare time to make money, what do you want to be 24 g Uber in the field of home life

(text/xiao-ping wang)

“24 g harmonics twenty-four centuries, from the twentieth century saw four and twenty century, we hope to use a more open eyes to look at things in the long run.” 24 g founder YongShuLong tell hunting cloud network. At the beginning of open 24 g website, can feel this is a “online shopping and offline store” the life that occupy the home O2O platform, but YongShuLong team of “open” more than that.

“now people are becoming more and more lazy, don’t want to spend time and energy to go to the entity shop, online shopping and abandon the logistics speed is too slow, with the arrival of the goods must be at least two or three days. In order to solve this part of people’s needs, we from the service of man by man, the use of idle human resources to achieve the fastest speed of logistics, make the most of the people benefit, 24 g’s aim is to do the household life class “Uber”.” YongShuLong tell hunting cloud network. Uber in the most simple way, making the limousine driver, network to serve people with traffic demand, greatly improve the efficiency of taxi and passenger comfort. Like Uber, 24 g is actually in establishing an on-demand service O2O web site, use of idle human resources to provide services for people with demand.

24 g consists of two parts, website and mobile app, local merchants, shoppers, “idle” three groups. “Free man” is to point to in a certain time free, and in this period of time can and willing to provide service for demand of the group. Shoppers on the web site into the store choose goods that oneself like, choose after the completion of orders directly on the computer, on the phone app demand information released after registration, given information including where the store location, labor, contact information, etc. Through real-name registration “free man” can according to their own orientation selective orders from these requirements, contact and shoppers after get the details of the goods and shipping address, to the store after the goods sent to shoppers at home, and shoppers, in accordance with the contract, pay a fee to the “free man”. Through the delivery of “free man”, shoppers as two hours or even more short time can get the goods. If there is no “free man” in a certain time order, so 24 g company will send people to complete the list. The platform to attract “free man” is one of the biggest factors can make use of original spare time to earn their own satisfaction, if not satisfied with pay, “free man” can choose not to answer the single, until I find “cost-effective” better service object.

of course, this pattern also includes three “must be” : one is in shops must have physical stores to open; 2 it is in store every month need to pay less amount in fees to 24 g network; Three is “free man” must be through the real-name registration, to safeguard the interests of the shoppers. If there are any dishonest “free man” behavior, infringement of the interests of the shoppers, 24 g will be kicked out.

compared to house exactly the idea of “service” university student, 24 g “ambition” more clearly, by the people to the person’s service as the breakthrough point, to integrate the physical stores, shopping malls, supermarkets, cover to clothing, household appliances, auto parts, and other household life field. In addition, the who can this platform is based on the idea of “serve the people”, but it provides the service type and service areas covered more widely than 24 g, who can more like a retrieval service platform, and 24 g net O2O mode or are quite different.

“in today’s era, we shouldn’t use our smart head, think out mode to drain people’s pocket money, but for more ordinary people seek interests, improve the purchasing power of each family, to boost the development of China’s economy as a whole”, YongShuLong tell hunting cloud network, such a mode for shoppers saved shopping time cost, obtain the speed experience; For “free man”, the use of spare time is to make money and service for others; And entity shop also can get more advantages in the fierce competition with online stores, flow secondary transformation.

although, make household life class “uber” concept is not the problem, but in terms of 24 g, and possible problems after put into practice in the future: for example, how to ensure that the system is completely “real name”; Shoppers and “idle” after the dispute of legal norms; Shoppers privacy issues, etc., these will be the challenge for the 24 g.

YongShuLong and like-minded friends formed the team now, a total of 6 people, in charge of two large pieces of technology and market, currently 24 g is still in development, cell phone app is expected to launch in August and September, after app launch, will take the way of pushing to collect user data, invite more tenants. YongShuLong team is currently seeking angel financing, financing amount will be mainly used for the product to push on.