Under a wearable revolution: Google start building smart clothing Jacquard plan

cloud network hunting, June 3 ,

Google is considering the smartphone technology into our clothes, yes, you read that right, is our usual clothes to wear.

as an Internet company, Google set up advanced technology project, specially devote a great deal of energy to developing future product technology. This project was recently launched a program called Jacquard, r&d can touch and identify gestures of textiles. It’s fantastic, you know, when our clothes can be as the extension of digital life, we’re in the movies is more close to the life in the future.

of course, the idea of smart clothes have long followed, but the idea of Google is very creative. They did not choose to attach electronics or sew on the clothes, but the application of intelligence technology to the fabric. Electrically conductive high-tech fabric can use existing loom, realize the strange and full of fashion design.

Google on its plans website wrote: “Jacquard for the fashion industry, is still a blank canvas. Designer does not need to know about electronics, you can add new functionality layer, make all kinds of clothes.”

Google has been working with Levi Strauss company at present, developing the related products. Believe in the near future, we will put on clothes which has the function of smart phones.


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