Ucweb CEO of pluralism, which “variables” will bring ali mother?

(word/qing nan)

this month 24, ali mother “wulin assembly”, the ali COO zhang yong (at large) just revealed that ali mother this year is the most important direction is less than a week after the “out of taobao”, group of ali mother to adjust the business management, ucweb CEO official ali mother’s President.

this is not a job switch, but ucweb CEO on a more responsible business, at this point, his job description and UC mobile business group President, ali group strategy management executive committee members, Scott. It is worth noting that the newly appointed President Scott said at the beginning of this month, we can see from this point out to its importance.

ali mother to adjust the phase

lower eyelid ali mother business itself, it can be seen that several times in the direction of adjustment. Department was founded in 2007, in 2008 incorporated into taobao big taobao strategy; In 2010, ali mother suddenly turn hostile, taobao entered the stage of “retreat” in the science of uniting the alliance, until 2013, when restart “ali mama” brand and domain names, and has set up a business. Over the past eight years, is a quote from zhang yong, ali mother is basic life in taobao “womb”, services mainly by the seller on taobao platform, although also to the cat, bargain, do some of the extension, but the core is almost all electricity sellers.

ali group and associated companies of great strategic vision, has started to jump out of the electricity business scope, to build the DT times China business development of infrastructure, to build the cloud strategy, and actively layout of cloud computing, big data, financial, entertainment and other business system. It also conforms to the ma 2013 alibaba marketization, the positioning of the platform, digital and diversification.

to look back at this time, ali mother under with a large user data and technical support, business itself has the ability to areas outside of electricity to extension and foundation. And, more importantly, ali mother had just solved the ali electric business platform in the seller’s part of the marketing demand, there are many needs for mining. Compared with the final sales results, for example, all the enterprises concerned about most is the sales of a series of process, including how to cause the user’s curiosity and attention, users have further action, and then convert it to sales and so on.

in addition is the key point is, the age of mobile consumers shopping portal has diversified situation, want to touch through unified big entrance to all consumers has been very difficult. That requires ali mother put the power of advertising alliance, promoted to be the advertising alliance of the Internet, and the ability to help businesses in other scene consumer information.

in this case, the ali mama business system to hindering the electricity field, as a new merged with ali family UC, gold and other “reservation” business can take the lead in use, by ucweb CEO over the business is also understandable.

ucweb CEO of “variables”

ucweb CEO told hunting cloud network, is a group for the fiscal year in March summary plan time, for some business strategy committee of the comb, consider ali mother become bigger and stronger in the future, it is at this time, let him to lead the business group.

why choose yourself? Ucweb CEO thought for two reasons: one is how to have a different perspective, ali mother originally have electricity thinking latitude, now want to increase the electric business platform for the whole to see some business development pattern and product thinking; The second is in the collaborative technology and data.

the development of the familiar with UC are familiar with, what ucweb CEO to lead the UC browser, nine and search several laid a good position in the industry, in the understanding of user needs and create products with rich experience. Merged with ali group, he also manages the ali’s largest mobile Internet assets “the electricity”. In what he considered business transformation, with the innovation of technology is more variables and data driven to create more.

according to his existing planning, the ali mama will work with the UC browser, such as what search more synergies, library, advertising will be reflected in the data and get through the group group advertising library resources. From this point of view, is also accelerating commercialization UC related business.

a few days ago, ali mother published in 2015, three major strategies: global marketing plan, dharma hospital alliance, the cape of good hope. Global marketing plan, technology, products and services based on the data integration of resources, and cooperation partners, to promote customer’s digital marketing upgrade; Dharma hospital alliance for the first time to try to build cross-industry cross-platform data alliance at home, fully release data value; The cape of good hope plan is proposed to support 10 m media partners.

these measures should be in the short term there will not be adjusted. Predictably, over the next few months, ali mother and business combination of UC.