Ucweb CEO: “Internet +” will bring incremental and variables

/ucweb CEO, alibaba mobile business group President

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as” the Internet was promoted to a national strategy, and the word became a hot word. The recent CCTV financial channel some own opinions on the requirement, share with everyone here. For the “Internet +”, I understand it is two key words, incremental and variables. This year, prime minister li keqiang, the Chinese economy to open “twin-engine” is put forward, it is to build a new engine, Volkswagen entrepreneurship, innovation, the second is to transform the traditional engine, to public service and upgrade traditional industries, “Internet +” can play an important role in it, as China’s economic demand growth and industry change core power.

the so-called incremental using the Internet, especially the mobile Internet create new patterns and products, such as represented by pay treasure to third-party payment, before users in online shopping is not online, because of concerns about security issues, and pay treasure to pay with the escrow way breached this bottleneck, convenient for users, and promote the overall development of China’s e-commerce industry. But alipay, credit CARDS and cash does not reduce the total consumption, so it is a kind of increment. LBS is the mobile Internet brings incremental. Internet like Scott map map, before we go out, drive can only rely on map + the way, the emergence of smartphones LBS service popularization, produced a new dimension of information and services, such as navigation to avoid congestion, catering movie life service location query, so is a typical incremental business.

variable refers to the mode of production through the Internet to the traditional industry, business model innovation. Today, we proposed the concept of “Internet +”, the biggest change is that in the past only focused on the Internet in the field of innovative undertaking tide, three hundred and sixty lines, will spread to the whole society in the future for entrepreneurs, this is definitely a good news.

last week CCTV “Business Weekly” reported a “hot pot express” entrepreneurial projects. If the weather is bad today, don’t want to go out, but don’t want to simply call a fast food, like to eat hot pot, but most hotpot restaurant will not provide distribution services, do how? Just think of a way to have a chongqing entrepreneurs, he himself doesn’t open hotpot restaurant, but specifically for chongqing hotpot restaurant provide room service. Let’s put aside this pattern may face some problems, his presence is good for business, users and their all, it found the pain points the user demand, traditional industry is a kind of innovation.

in the context of the “Internet +”, entrepreneurship, innovation, the key is to find real pain points existing in the demand. Alibaba group, the future of the three strategies: rural electricity, big data and globalization, of which rural electricity is aimed at the problem of shortage of rural commodity richness. The so-called rural electricity not only to let characteristic agricultural products sell well all over China, farmers to make money, also can buy to the cutting edge of products and services. China’s population of 1.3 billion, of which the Internet has six, and electric merchant group is $3, penetration of from 300 million to 1.3 billion, is the key link in the countryside.

now abundance of goods, the central city of the already very high, the current pain points demand is quick. The rural areas is different, there is no big. He, the user can offline access to a very limited selection, but traditional logistics cost is too high. Behind this spot is innovation opportunities, such as rural users demand for goods time usually cities than pressing, city online request arrived the next day, three days in the countryside can be accepted, and then we can combine the three days of demand distribution, additional goods must delivery to every household? Concentration distribution to the corner shop is more efficient, less cost?

traditional industry should be how to deal with the trend of “Internet +”? At any time, business development, not to advance is to go back, the Internet as a force in the future had a huge impact on 360 lines, just have a fast or slow. If today’s department store or just sell physical goods, will be impacted by the electricity, in fact, the experience economy and the service demand is rising, if department store transformation into entertainment, catering, shopping in one city business center, it is difficult to be reversed. In the face of change, either passive liberated or revolting actively, I have emphasized point: fear “the Internet” and traditional industries in front of the Internet, don’t have to be little. Now Internet general talents more and more, which in turn have a deep understanding of those of the traditional industry talents are scarce, so the future of the Internet industry understand team will have more advantages.

“Internet +” applies not only to the user service, also help the government and enterprises improve efficiency, such as in the past we speak more “digital city” refers to improve efficiency of the government, by means of information technology and more and more data can be open to help more accurate than previous government found that demand, more flexible way to meet the demand.

Scott is ali, I was responsible for one of the main business. Scott has focused on travel and location information services, relying on professional data collection production and the big data processing ability to form the professional infrastructure platform, and constantly create new value. For example in gold over the past year has been doing the China’s major cities traffic analysis report, provides a good information for relevant institutions and decision-making reference. Now we are going to further open the professional ability, the online gold traffic public information service platform, not only be able to generate a specific to a certain city commercial circle, a road, a real-time traffic accident, still can use big data processing ability, quick response to a given solution to avoid congestion, or even reverse the road conditions to predict the future.

these information and ability, can be Shared with relevant institutions, such as we have cooperate with many traffic radio contact, in the past they usually according to the data traffic ministries to broadcast traffic, now have a gold platform, can not only add more comprehensive information (such as historical traffic information, the user of sudden accident report immediately, future traffic prediction), also gives the solution and solve the congestion problem. Soon we will be more and the traffic police, committee and other partners, is greatly upgrade the existing traffic public information service, in the past, the department of public service platform is a SMS, can now be done by Scott map information push and told, that alone can save nearly billion for the traffic administration of a city’s promotion expenses, one-way communication into two-way interaction at the same time, allows users to participate in traffic information sharing and calibration, let the management take on “Internet +” express, to better serve the public.

“Internet +”

in addition, the incremental and variable also reflect on the enhance the global competitiveness of Chinese enterprises. Over the past 30 years in the IT industry development, formed the two center in the whole world, one is the innovation center in the United States, one is the market center of China. With the rapid development of mobile Internet, the Chinese have first-mover advantages in the whole world, so on some innovation model, such as the UC browser, WeChat are global competitiveness, the current UC browser except in China and India, two of the world’s largest population country to get the market first, at the same time has more than 10 countries around the world market share above 10%. At the same time, in the past in traditional industries, China can only play the role of a manufacturing base for a long time, and the “Internet +” more than in China, is also a big trend in the whole world, if the domestic some traditional industry can take advantage of “Internet +” to realize the transformation and upgrading, quickly, we will be in the global competition.