Ucweb CEO: “Internet +” is the essence of the supply and demand of refactoring

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recently saw some Internet start-ups, have the feeling that find everything new and fresh.

these projects related to the popularity of O2O, has a mobile phone booking pedicures, offer the cook door-to-door service, is one of the most interesting one to user home in the morning wake up, make breakfast, target users are those who won’t have time for bed and breakfast – apart from the model of single white-collar and prospects of argument, this is really a good idea.

these projects, fancy mirrored the premier li keqiang’s “public entrepreneurship, peoples innovation”. And the idea behind the important support, is also in the “Internet +” during the two sessions this year. The popularity of the concept of needless to say, inside and outside the industry take turns reading until now can be dominated the important position; With Internet related project or concept, whether in the early or the secondary market, the value is followed media heat a rising tide lifts all boats.

high attention isn’t a bad thing. But the more at a time, in fact, the more should keep a cool head, clear understanding of the essence of “Internet +” behind is what, not capriciously concept for a while. I also, the author talk about the understanding of “Internet +”.

as you know, now the Internet startup pop across borders, combined with all walks of life to generate new mode, to a small house to a noodles may be a direction, I call it “fusion era”; On the other hand, it is also a sign of traditional Internet business era, pure online innovation into the bottleneck period. One into a retreat behind is: the change of pure Internet in a relatively steady phase, the high speed evolution is more with the help of a new technology of the Internet industry.

so I think watching a project is the real “Internet +”, the key is to look at the original the Internet business, in the presence of produce qualitative change after connected to the Internet, and the quality is not to promote efficiency, but in the reconstruction of the supply and demand. The former is “+ Internet”, physical superposition, improve memory; The latter is the “Internet +”, create incremental after a chemical reaction.

“+ Internet” is the value of using Internet technology to break the information asymmetry in the original business link, so as to realize the efficiency of reconstruction. Specifically, in the past we are limited by time, place, processes the information such as opaque as a result of high cost, after the “+” Internet can realize online access (24 hours), scale (access, global coverage), to channel (reduce circulation costs).

a taxi typical example is the software, greatly improve the passengers and drivers docking efficiency, but on the other hand, a taxi supply and a taxi passenger demand is there, just the Internet would be the inventory efficiency and experience to the maximum, so the only “+ Internet”.

“+” Internet did the supply and demand of real refactoring. Because the Internet and the Internet after cross-border integration, not only improved the efficiency, but increment in supply and demand both sides, so as to establish a new process and pattern: the supply side is “Midas touch”, will originally idle resources to make full use of; The demand side is “false”, created using consumption scenarios which was not there. A combination of these, in fact is that we often say “Shared economy”.

software, such as car and taxi software is different, its pattern is more idle vehicles together, will be in the society become commodity resources into the business process, increase the supply; While passengers daily in a taxi, the choice of the car, demand has increased. Reconstruction of supply and demand, so is a typical “Internet +”.

Scott also has carried on the “Internet +” try: gold traffic information public service platform, based on the gold traffic data cloud, open our large data capacity, can provide real-time traffic jam, historical congestion index contrast etc., and based on this puts forward intelligent to avoid congestion travel solutions. When the ability and the traffic management bureau, traffic radio, and other cooperation from all walks of life, can create a new relationship between supply and demand. After communication radio work with gold, for example, increased the new supply from the blocking solution, and the audience is harvested the smart new requirements from the wall.

clarify the essence of the “Internet +”, then looking back on it, the prime minister’s “public entrepreneurship, peoples innovation”, you will find the meaning. If a business or a “+” Internet stock, limited resources from left to right, it is a small game geek, never prop up “public” and “wanzhong” breadth.

“Internet +” is really the business scope expanded to three hundred and sixty lines, because of the Internet and the Internet of cross-border integration, to create more original pattern variables. The future with the further deepening of the Internet and the Internet fusion, there may not be necessary to distinguish between the Internet and the Internet, all industry eventually can be referred to as “Internet + industry”.

all in all, “Internet +” may be the worst of times, represents the traditional Internet startup the end of an era, the window of opportunity has closed; But it is also one of the best times, new opportunities “Internet +” far outweighs it put an end to the part, to reconstruct the supply and demand means that the second spring, again small beginner’s mind and dreams can become a source of innovation.

if even the door up can become a good business, what idea is afraid to think?

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