Uber join unmanned battle, to create “automation rental vehicles”

note: hunting cloud application with taxi leader Uber efficiently improve the utilization efficiency of taxi again at the same time, also looking at to unmanned areas, and to spend and Carnegie Mellon university and its affiliated robotics institute recruit many talents, and then build rental vehicles “automation”. The following for us technology blog website Business Insider reported articles, translated by tencent technology is as follows:

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, according to people familiar with the application of Uber is building robot research laboratory, Pittsburgh plans to build a “automation rental vehicles”. Uber said the company has from Carnegie Mellon university and its affiliated robotics institute recruit many talents, including first-class engineers and commercialization of experts.

so far, Uber and Carnegie Mellon university are not publicly discuss the cooperation plan, but should be announced in the near future is expected.

sources, Uber is from Carnegie Mellon university and its affiliated national robotics research center to recruit more than 50 senior scientist. Carnegie Mellon university was NASA’s Mars rover detector and many other famous robot project partners, but it has refused to comment on the cooperation with Uber. However, sources said, Uber almost “hollowed out” the robotics institute.

the source also noted that most of these technologies is driven “massive” military spending in the past 10 years, Carnegie Mellon university’s IP licensing fees for millions of dollars.

, according to people familiar with the Uber in Pittsburgh laboratory developed the core technology, vehicles and related infrastructure. They have hired a number of employees, and have begun to develop supporting software, including engineering workstations investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars to a third party, etc.

in the past, the chief executive of Uber Travis karan Nick (Travis Kalanick) has said that he was pleased that self-driving cars to replace human driver, because passengers using this service will be cheaper. In Pittsburgh, the establishment of a laboratory decided to have many benefits, both close to Carnegie Mellon university, and laboratory can be moved out of silicon valley, save confidential expenses.

so far, Uber has not announced the date of self-driving cars or target. The company recently raised $4 billion in the form of securities and debt. Last summer, Uber finished D round, received $1.4 billion in financing. The company now valuation has amounted to $41 billion.

meanwhile, Google is also ready to cooperate with its self-driving car launch its own taxi service. Uber executives is said to have seen a taxi Google application screenshots, and feel very nervous. Google VCS Google Ventures has to Uber investment of $258 million. Since 2013, Google’s chief lawyer adviser David Drummond (David Drummond) began as a Uber board members.