Uber again to start the financing, valuation of $50 billion will be a record

from: sina science and technology

Beijing time on May 9 morning news, the Wall Street journal quoted sources as saying that Uber is planning a new round of large-scale financing.

, according to people familiar with the Uber has to investors told the plan, which the company will launch a new round of $1.5 billion to $2 billion in financing. This round of funding for Uber valuations will reach $50 billion, or even higher. But could still adjust Uber plans.

if the complete such financing, Uber will become the highest valuations startups. Only Facebook before public valuations had reached $50 billion.

sources also said that in the process of Uber visit investors, valuation and may ascend. For example, in May 2014 round of funding, Uber initial valuation of about $10 billion, but in the end to $18 billion. In December 2014, financing, initially discussed the valuation of about $30 billion a year, but eventually reached $41 billion.

with the huge financing, Uber has covered about 250 markets around the world. The company invested a large sum of expenses, extension services to passengers and driver.

one source said, Uber is still in the early stages of a new round of financing, but trading fastest will reach within this month.

in recent months, Uber is investment in the development of new technology, including cooperation with Carnegie Mellon university software developing robotic cars and new maps. Announced in March this year, Uber with 40 employees to buy a map of deCarta entrepreneurial company. This is Uber first publicly announced acquisition. In addition to news that Uber will bid for nokia’s business Here map.