Uber, 51 car wheel C in baidu led tens of millions of dollars of investment


in the afternoon, on April 10th, domestic car 51 carpooling software company announced that baidu led C round big investment. Hunting cloud network verification 51 transport ways, get reply is tens of millions of dollars. The investment by baidu led, sequoia capital and other institutions joint investment, its investment sole financial adviser for this transaction.

51 vehicles become the first domestic formal BAT investment from the carpool software company, baidu again after investment UBER investment company of car industry. After 51 cars get millet chairman lei jun angel investment, then the company has obtained innovation works led for A round of investment and sequoia capital led B round of investment.

51 cars in commuting time, provided by the owner to passengers one-on-one, point-to-point, standard price of car service, car owners and passengers can be roughly a lift. At that time, the author has said: money war always have retreated, 2015, return to calm, which way is the life of a choice, hunting cloud network carpooling market has great potential/holds great promise. The baidu strategic investment vehicles, 51 also shows.

51 car on December 15, 2014, by Internet veteran hua-bing li and baidu senior product manager before the door lumena joint creation. Through three months of rapid development and strong operation, from owner number to the orders of the company are in the industry achieved a good result, and has rapidly covers Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou and shenzhen market. 51 as baidu investment vehicles, the company will quickly take hangzhou, nanjing, wuhan, chengdu, and other secondary cities.

at present, the first single yuan “passengers” 51 cars are promoting experience activity, in Beijing, regardless of the mileage, the first single as long as one yuan. Hunting cloud network measurement effectively, the car to provide drinking water, paper towels, etc., can be comparable to car interior environment, the service attitude. This is 51 car advocate “car enjoy, carpooling price”.

to see the drops quickly burn war shaking hands after the combination, left hand drive, right hand carpooling, delicious around a set of hook, not to mention a broken pattern such as no. 1 bus movement. Baidu unexpected drops quickly, plus Uber water, finally go the Coca-Cola, Pepsi competition, go out very cola, plus the stupa, wang ji, the pit of the gas is the same mistake twice.

the baidu in BAT three home through the use of investment existing carpool to layout carpooling market actively, also can saying is a kind of have no other choice. Thus, whether we can guess, in-use vehicle travel, ali tencent fit alone big, wide stretch arms expansion, has seriously in allocating the baidu’s heart, also bring the competing goods application the unprecedented crisis. The bulk of alliance type, or like baidu 51 transport strategic investment, the blessing for baidu, became the only two choices in front of companies.

this is the case, 51 cars CEO hua-bing li said: “we are from the development of the software to only now just three months, can obtain the baidu investment shows that the industry for carpooling, market and company team great has also greatly enhance the confidence of the further development. And all this, all is just beginning.” A grand ambitions but also show the wall of the helpless of the declaration.

51 car, said: “in the fight against incoming drops carpooling, we will through subsidies policy.” Hunting cloud network said, let the subsidies to the more violent.

it is understood that in addition to the cooperation with baidu in capital level, 51 cars will also be in-depth cooperation with baidu each business department. About car, play is really too much, hunting cloud network 51 between vehicles and baidu will pay close attention to what can spread out the posture, in what forms to winning.

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