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qualcomm antitrust case seems to make science and technology of millet eat some kui, banned in India market to sell its brand mobile phone and a blow to the intention to expand the international market of millet. The indications are that insufficient attention of intellectual property rights and a small amount of patent technology into millet technology for the future development of weakness. Millet can journey to the international market smoothly, perhaps is the millet how to form their own patent portfolio.

India’s Supreme Court recently to millet technology company issued a ban, ordered millet to immediately stop sales and import millet mobile phone in the Indian market. The news, most people including us and began to doubt whether smartphone makers from China have enough intellectual property to support its business in a foreign country. Behind the ban telecoms giant Ericsson (Ericsson) claims that the millet technology violated its patent in India.

1 s red rice, produced by mediatek processor, had been short lock-up (hunting cloud network editing your login millet India’s official website, found that now unable to buy red rice 1 s. Of course, also may be due to shortage of state. , but millet repeatedly argues that the company won’t stop because of intellectual property rights and land in India market. Millet company set up four and a half years, now millet technology products have been sold on the market in seven Asian countries, more market expansion plans in busy preparation, including Latin America market this year.

so, millet should give attaches great importance to intellectual property? Whenever the millet enter a new market, new legal loophole. If there is no patent layout millet to protect their intellectual property rights, millet technology in the near future will face more suit, the ban on the Indian market is just the beginning.

the importance of patent is self-evident, in short for two reasons. First, reduce the patent fee. Such as millet technology in order to be used on their mobile phones Ericsson technology, will have to pay a royalty to the latter. Secondly, if the technology companies want to patent infringement prosecution (patent infringement occurs frequently in mobile telephones), transfer of patent is the most common lawsuit solution. The patent as the practice of chip industry often called cross licensing deal, that is to say, in the face of a patent infringement prosecution, millet technology can be used to allow the other party in exchange so as to solve their own patent prosecution.

in order to more clearly understand the millet technology current situation, we from the state intellectual property office (SIPO) of China and the world intellectual property organization (WIPO), an application for a patent for the two organizations public found some data in the database. Then we compared the millet and a few other Chinese phone maker’s patent data, including the Oppo, cool, meizu, zte and huawei), and is very popular in China’s apple and samsung.

real data comparison

for these companies, we found out they submitted to the patent cooperation treaty (PCT) number of patent application, the patent in domestic widely agreed to some or all of the members, and report to the Chinese SIPO patent applications, including invention patents, design patents, and is to apply for the patent. It is worth noting that the SIPO patent only recognized in China.

China’s smartphone manufacturers patent is

PCT patent: the patent cooperation treaty | CN patents pending, is applying for patent (SIPO) | in the CN patents granted: authorized patents (SIPO) | CN design patents, design patents (SIPO)

, as shown in the figure, samsung, zte and huawei, the number of patents than millet and other companies. But considering the three products is not limited to smartphones, perhaps this is unfair. Samsung brand products are smart phones, laptops, and speakers and kitchen appliances, etc. Zte and huawei are the main communication equipment manufacturer, is responsible for the development of 4 g networks need state infrastructure and so on. Whether in which industry, zte and huawei are China’s two largest patent holders. And this three years longer, so they have more time to accumulate their own patent layout. In a word, the above chart alone is not too many questions. Then we went on to see the comparison of several companies were left.

PCT patent: the patent cooperation treaty | CN patents pending, is applying for patent (SIPO) | in the CN patents granted: authorized patents (SIPO) | CN design patents, design patents (SIPO)

compared to the former, this icon is more telling. In this table, we have done some adjustment data for apple. We only counted Apple changed its name to Apple after filing patents. Because Apple in 2007, is the first step on the iPhone listed in that year, the company’s official name from Apple Computer to Apple. The comparative data of millet and other emerging smartphone makers more fair.

millet will face the challenge of

from the above data, we can see that the millet in China will face legal problems which come from? If an application for a patent for millet now stop and continue to adhere to their own market expansion to other countries, this is obviously not a good idea. In fact, both at home and abroad with the apple on the market compared to encounter patent litigation, millet problems simply is not enough to be a problem. Moreover, only 28 millet in China than in patents, and other relatively smaller local companies, such as Oppo compared with Coolpad, this number is a bit less.

but millet on intellectual property issues also did not dissipate. In our statistical data, the millet report to PCT application for a patent for a total of about 130, including 100 application is submitted in the last year, and in the past two months, millet has submitted the application for 19 times. From these data analysis, millet technology has realized his looming crisis, is with unprecedented enthusiasm stepped up their intellectual property portfolio construction.

Oppo establishes an important standard, also we can take it the standard contrast millet. Because they are in many similar operations in the international market, their product line also has a lot of similarities. Although the Oppo more patent portfolio in China, including the authorized is applying for, but in the international market performance is not as good as millet.

it is also worth noting is that we can’t find any patent belongs to the OnePlus – whether in China or in the PCT. OnePlus last year launched its first smartphone, millet is one of the competitors. We assume that all patent belong to Oppo, OnePlus although OnePlus Oppo have statement is a completely independent company, but the two have the same manufacturing resources, the same investors, and at the same office building. (the above message has not been confirmed, we are further into OnePlus verification.)

however, despite the millet very hard, but its patent portfolio with most competitors, especially from around the world compared to competitors, no advantage. To be honest, I really very admire in the case of precedent millet still boldly into the Indian market. However, how to say, despite the current situation is not very ideal, but millet really aware of the importance of the intellectual property rights and are moving in this direction. The only problem is, the development of intellectual property rights speed can keep up with its market expansion. In China, an application for a patent for a cycle is usually for 18 to 24 months. During this time, millet could have entered a number of countries the market.

so say so many, how much a company has a patent, it really so important? Ed Chatterton (Ed Chatterton) offers an explanation for this. He is the time Hong Kong intellectual property and technology law firm DLA Piper’s partners, and provide professional support to this report. Compare the company’s patent portfolio, he says, the number of authorized patents “can provide a general reference but still need to keep in mind the number of how many can not intuitively show the stand or fall of quality.” So, in the patent number at the same time also need to improve the quality of patents.

you may wonder, millet technology (excluding PCT patent) in the United States has only two patents. One of the patent is millet of portable mobile power supply. On this basis, we can infer that millet’s first product enter the American market is very likely is the mobile power products. In the future, we shall see.

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