Twinned trunks: focus on vertical right social network, to meet the right people

(text/plain HongGuang)

“some people for temple high, some suitable for runescape away, encouraging people are not suitable for entrepreneurship is extremely irresponsible behavior, if you choose to jianghu away, so PaoMaTou, carry bag, hardships is the norm, is wang sat on a rickshaw to enjoy.” Twinned trunks Song Xiaodi founder said, “if you’re ready to business, just care about what near the money, what the most popular, and she is not love, so I advise you to quit.”

Song Xiaodi is a serial entrepreneur, based on their own business experience of comprehension, will not be suitable for business people summarized as the following three kinds:

the first, want to immediately return, direction of want to know if you have, the team to force, investment in place, it is only a long journey started, need to inject, focus on the next 1-3 years.

second, compressive ability is poor, success or failure is the norm, and begin to is the norm, even the culture of alibaba has repeatedly stressed the “embrace change”, if one or two you can switch back to success, I first upon death, “spell” these four words, you should not exist.

the third, is unable to correctly assess their ability, every team has their own problems, the most common is the problem, a suitable person for product manager, obviously just refuse to introduce professional managers to manage the company, but what all to yourself, everyone has only one best ability.

in August 2013, Song Xiaodi spare time registered twinned trunks of the public, started dating “small but beautiful”, in order to solve the problem yourself and around 80 lower primary school partner dating: less time, small circle, work favour, high pretend bility is not suitable for dating, 1 to 2 years just need to get married, the media, the Internet and the financial sector, this kind of person not meant for existing dating sites, dating small and beautiful as amateur interest, married a year down incredibly 6 to get card. In November 2014, driven by user demand Song Xiaodi as the “social right”, will be twinned trunks transformation smoothly Song Xiaodi tell hunting cloud network: “know the” right “a lot of friends recently, always think a moment to meet people you can judge whether a world, also feel attentively to do the” right “social networking is a very meaningful thing.”

“the right social advocate don’t pack to force” pure meet a stranger, friendship is the first returns. Involved in commercial, political, and social status, it is easy to ignore the human nature. Twinned trunks aim is to better know each other and become attached to, single people can meet a good lover, not a single can find a best friend, companion, partner. Community is the social trend of future social, purely twinned trunks hope to let users to meet the right people, will be twinned trunks right social transition: the current issue of the daily production content in addition to the public’s right to read, and the right of private kitchen, right, right, right party dating four social products. Song Xiaodi convective cloud network, said “twinned trunks let users simply want to know each other, not for other purposes, this is the real spirit of activities and parties: people are lonely, in purely driven by want to know to enjoy the” peace, love, unity and respect “.

at present, the twinned trunks audience mainly the Internet, finance, and the media, “the right social” specific representations focused on “offline activities”. Offline activities place basic will be in Beijing, right group has covered 10 major cities nationwide. According to Song Xiaodi, twinned trunks right group user loyalty and active degree is very high, create the right group in Beijing from last year’s Spring Festival today, never appear ice in a day, more than 100 basic points minutes is chats.

in the way of commercialization, twinned trunks officially launched the right product electrical goods brand, and through the Internet shoppers model connected to the right people and electric business platform. There is no financing twinned trunks, after six months with the improvement of the product and pattern will consider financing. Song Xiaodi convective cloud network said, coming from 1 to 5 years, and always focus on one thing only “the right social”, believe that all those on the shore of the heart has a heart of stone, in the way people used to sing forever, people are lonely, accompany and warm everyone, encourage everyone to do better, is twinned trunks of things to do.