TT express: from the car wash into intelligent motoring services platform based on LBS

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“Internet +” concept constantly thinking of hitting the entrepreneurs, we see is that the emergence of a new model for traditional industry and the Internet is no longer cut toe suitable Ju, traditional industry and the Internet is gradually realize the depth of fusion, after all, no one will refuse to more convenient and efficient life. Among them, the application of intelligent means to service market after we see the car from heavy to light clear directions.

TT express service platform is based on the intelligence of LBS maintain a car, IT is B end users with a complete set of IT solutions, including the PC CMR (Customer – managed Relationship Customer Relationship management (CRM) system, and the merchants “TT express end” APP, to help businesses and efficient management of stores and rapid access to the user. When the C end user oriented, TT express is a smart car ownership based on LBS application, let owner can quickly find the required service.

founder and CEO GuYing convective cloud network, said: “TT express” and “TT express business side” APP launched in July 2014, has accumulated 3 million users, service covers 5600 stores in 90 cities, its main profit lies in car wash service, single amount is about 30000.

TT why don’t express fully deployed automobile after service market? And from the car wash cut?

at the beginning of this year, TT express platform introduced auto maintenance services, to this, to hunt GuYing cloud network, said: at first, we are not in order to do washing and washing the car, washing the car is not a business model, but the automobile after service market is a business model. From the point of demand frequency, maintenance frequency is twice a year, to do a product, if the user can only use two times a year, it is hard to imagine that the user can use this APP. And wash the car is the owner just need, in addition to stop and go, it is a relatively high frequency in the automobile after service market.

GuYing believes that after the car service is a decentralised market, giant is difficult to completely control

parking and come on the two services is difficult to do, I have to do is stop early, it is a very high frequency, parking basic need many times every day, come on and at least once a week, but oil is a monopoly of the market, some Internet giants are intended to enter the market. WeChat payment and pay treasure also in cooperation with the parking lot, parking payment business, scan the license plate number can deduct parking lot. As a result, entrepreneurs are almost impossible to cut one of them.

we choose is a fragmented market, big can’t through the large resource integration to integrate the market. From the point of market, 4 s shop is easy to be integrated, but auto inn is a very scattered, is made up of small boss, so we can cut into the market, the market.

to wash the car into the automobile service market, after the TT express what’s different?

GuYing think: wash the car belongs to the requirements of “three kilometers around”, the owner will not cheap because of the price of a shop and run to three kilometers, their general consumer demand is convenient, quick, the price is reasonable. In addition, the service is a fixed location, fixed frequency, owners are accustomed to a shop near the house select fixed long-term consumption. So, car washing and other characteristics of O2O service is different, based on this situation, we began to think about, where users washing power? After investigation we found that 90% of users will handle card, after the first wash the car and the car card primitive, easy to lose. Therefore, we provide businesses with a free IT management system, the original car card into an e-card, existing in the phone APP, car wash when open the APP can brush card, at the same time, users also can be used in an e-card to view their own times, and so on and so forth.

the control on the user experience, GuYing said: car wash service itself is a very light standardization service, on line without too much additional consumption, so we provide users with security is like this: first of all, we provide owners with free “3 days rain wash protect” service, a car order is as per a complimentary, in washing a car within 3 days, the weather is expected to clear, but it was raining, we will claim to the user 20 dollars, equivalent to the user can free again to wash a car, in this way let users spending habits from offline to online.

in fact, this kind of situation is related to weather, after statistics, we found it happens the probability of only 1%, so we provide another service is added “protect”, as long as the user add a dollar when buying car wash service, we will put the claim amount is appended to the 40 yuan. At present, every day there are hundreds of users to buy added “protect” services, although the purchase rate is not high, but it is also very good to us.

in addition, we provide another service called “purchase risks”, we know that the owner in a fixed merchants can handle card, after washing a few times for handling card is better than a single consumption discount 30%, but the owner of the biggest concern is that after you had completed card store closed, and the role of purchase risk is that if the stores after washing card users to buy the fail, we will return the card within the rest of the money. “Purchase risks” to a great extent, the protection of the rights of the user, but we didn’t give all stores provide this service, businesses have to meet some of our conditions, so the “purchase risks” service will naturally leaning to the premium outlets, makes the platform has eliminated some bad businessman mechanism, also let the good faith management businesses can get more users, to ensure that our users on the platform of the merchants are on.

avoid two user viscosity is not high mode

in the context of the current status quo, cut into the automobile service market after the project is not a few, GuYing is common modes are analyzed: “one cartoon car wash” mode is one kind of common profit is drawn from do card charge a percentage of the commission, income security is its advantage, but this model the problem is that the businessman may after get the user for intercepting, develop its members;

the second mode is subsidies, such as “1 yuan car wash” or “1 cent, wash the car,” the purpose of the project is to get the user, to encourage users to buy such as repair and maintenance services, this is similar to a taxi software, with subsidies in order to develop the user habits, but this does not apply to car wash service. Wash the car on the market a stock market, it is matching supply and demand, but a taxi is not matching, user time and place is not fixed, the taxi service driver is unpredictable. At the same time, the car is not a fragmentation of demand, also is not a random demand, it is a very rational decisions, so the car is essentially don’t need the APP, users have their own specific consumption habits, subsidies cannot be an excuse for user to select the APP, unable to form the user viscosity, so now the pattern doesn’t get the recognition of the market.

to wash the car into the training of users, through the maintenance of profit of supply

TT express business model is a try from light to heavy, GuYing convective cloud network said: if the car is charge of standardization and standardized service, then the relative, wash the car it is a standardized fees and not standardized service. At the time of car owners to do maintenance, we found that this is a heavy decision, users are willing to spend more money to 4 s shops, because his inn is distrust about cars, so we are now in solving the two problems: based on our store deployment system, let all the stores and maintenance service price transparency, according to the models automatically matching the price, the products provided by us and do not charge a commission of merchants, thus ensure the maintenance of products used by the owner is the real thing, and the price is reasonable, through a single quantity will be more of the store. We know that the BMW and Mercedes car zero true than per cent a few hundred to one thousand, that is, parts supply to the vehicle and after-sale market price difference is very big. Therefore, by supplier to profit a great opportunity for TT express.

GuYing convective cloud network mentioned, TT express starting in February this year to provide maintenance services, the current operational data for more than 300 single daily, supply side, sales month in more than two hundred. GuYing still said: store service quality control is one of the problems that need to be solved.

TT express founding team after 90, the founder GuYing reading in Hong Kong, a junior started in the field of Internet business. R&d team leader comes from the shop no. 1 senior technicians, last year “double a” survive with 11 device flash sales channel 600 million visits to the day. District manager respectively from Meituan, glutinous rice, hungry? Etc. To push the head to run an efficient team, GuYing told hunting cloud network to push our team efficiency is very high, because of each member to use our research and development of TOPD tools, for example, the new stores data can be input system within 1 minute, to push the personnel in the maintenance and manage their stores can at any time to view the status, with color to distinguish between stores state.

the TT express in 2014 completed A round of funding, investment institutions for sequoia capital, also is in preparing the next round of financing.

project: TT express
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