Truweight VC injection, focus on market to lose weight

hunting cloud network May 30

Truweight, from India, A focus on the cause of weight loss company, announced that from Kalaari Capital raised an undisclosed amount in A round of funding, Kalaari Capital Truweight seed round of investment company.

Truweight based on each user’s bodily form, way of life, health problems and tend to get fat, provide customized nutrition program. Plan for the users to consumption of the company’s own “super food”, including different from spirulina, barley and herbs skills of staple food, to replace the unhealthy food.

Truweight founder of Vishnu Saraf explained: “super foods are given special benefit people’s health and happiness of nutritious food. Because of the lack of understanding can be practical and, most of them cannot be absorbed from daily food. In the nutritional value, for example, a gram of spirulina is equivalent to one kilogram of assorted vegetables.”

the company has 30 diet nutrition experts can provide advice and consultation in the center of the online and weight loss.

it claims in hyderabad, has been in service for 7000 people. With updated funding, it plans to expand business to bangalore and chennai, and launch a mobile phone software to enable its diet experts can be directly connected with its customers, providing them with real-time consulting advice.

Truweight present competition mainly comes from the two complete angel round Goqii (weight fitness field) and Healthstart accelerator – anyway: spreads over gse-backed loans Obino.


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