TrulyMadly: its woman real data matching application date

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TrulyMadly announced from Helion India dating application for a partner and get the first round of Kae raise about $5.6 million. TrulyMadly “name inspired by a love song. Three founders in a cafe in gurgaon, near Delhi to discuss business project, background music is playing Australian pop combination of Savage Garden “Truly Madly Deeply”. The title with their idea coincides with mine.

they think Truly means identity information in the name of the application of real, madly means that when a user decided to chat on the Internet to find object that is a crazy adventure faith. Creators think: “if we can provide the true information and new way of dating, we will have better market.”

how to distinguish between applications look charming astute young lawyer actually violent temper? This is almost all dating application problems. TrulyMadly decided to focus fire before issue to solve this problem.

before using TrulyMadly looking for a date, you must first submit real id such as passport, driver’s license. TrulyMadly team can verify the identity certificates and fill in the upload data authenticity. Once the user has selected, will gain credit score, score the level of the number of true information submitted by the user to decide. Then the application will help the user selection date. Screening criteria are provided according to user’s personal preference map out psychological portrait and user to determine the social network image. The higher credit scores, users matching the higher success rate. Therefore prompt user consciously perfect identity information to improve the credit score. To information security, user’s personal information can only be used for the selected date. And vice versa.

this app by Sachin Bhatia, Hitesh Dhingra added and Rahul Kumar, cooperative development, the three of them are good friends and before that have the same business background. Bhatia is India’s biggest Internet travel web sites the company partners. Founded Dhingra added Letsbuy buyout by it in India. Kumar, who worked in the company and the company, and Oracle. They want to enter the traditional marriage market, and hope to be able to help users find true love. They think the true love is the conclusion of the marriage standard. They pride themselves on their industry. After analyzing the present situation of the traditional wedding market, they think that if TrulyMadly will provide real information and a new way of dating, the software will be got very good market expectations. Bhatia told Asian technology “is a sign of funds, which proves that online dating way eventually accepted by the mainstream values in India. When we see team on participatory indexes, we are sure that we are doing an important job.”

young people aged 18 to 25 is TrulyMadly target population. This group of people is blank parts of market services. TrulyMadly tested a lot of girls, girls say they want to get married in a few years later, now have to find a date. Information security is one of the important standards to ensure online users. The main cause of this is TrulyMadly set up credit rating. Website from the start, emphasized the importance of reliable verification process. This approach has paid off. TrulyMadly about 65000 fans on Facebook, and about 85% for girls. TrulyMadly application released in August 2014, has about 200000 downloads, 65000 active users. This 35% for women. Mostly from India and southeast Asia.

TrulyMadly now faces the challenge of platform on the registration of women is still on the rise. Want to reach the sex ratio of 5:5, it still has a long way to go. In addition to information security concerns, the girls still awkward when using application, they do not want posted on the social media they use application date. TrulyMadly operating the main female users against a blog. Purpose is to help the girls found compelling content to share on social media. Up to now, the app is still free of charge. Profit plan will follow.

the web site will probably have 25000 users each month to make love each other, the figure is pretty good. TrulyMadly on social media in order to open the good situation, carried out a field called break traditional activities. Selected 15 interested in the activities of volunteers, they rushed into the coffee shop, busy markets and street. Everyone was asked to write them on the poster in daily life do one thing to break all the rules of the last spell these posters into a picture. The process and real easily. A girl is described in the activity, my best friend is a boy but I didn’t go to bed with him.

this sport is very popular, there are more women user’s request to participate in activities. TrulyMadly team in this year’s valentine’s day, sometimes released another activity. Valentine’s day is the theme of the activities for women should not just heart-shaped gifts, balloons and chocolates. Valentine’s day for women should be giving them the freedom to choose the right including choice they want to spend a lifetime partner. Like activities before the reality TrulyMadly still invited. About 25 for women on posters for life they want the image of man. For TrulyMadly team sometimes, run the app’s greatest achievement from the received on the application letter of the user to find true love. Partner Bhatia said he had received a letter from his impressed with user, the user said in the letter he met a woman on the TrulyMadly application, found after two people talking. After the woman tell the man she has a mild disability. Men say that if I found in talk to her before she is some disability, I may not be attracted to her. But on the application, I found her beauty. And from now on to face her disability and promise of love for her.

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