Tree snail: from the perspective of the college students’ part-time, build skills and time increment O2O

(text/Wang Saiying)

in recent years, the college students has become the main consumer groups at the same time, the mobile Internet entrepreneurs will product positioning on students in solving practical problems, including how to enrich students’ spare time become the preferred for many entrepreneurs, with part-time class is the most widespread. Part-time App for college students at present, the market have pockets part-time, part-time micro part-time, cats, etc., as well as hunting cloud network focused on an upcoming on February 9, vertical application – online part-time class tree snail.

founder Mr Jiang Dong said in an interview with hunting cloud network, founded the snail tree opportunity comes from the now of college students in growing Numbers, while most of the students in the school to obtain knowledge and skills compared to the current severe employment situation is a bit thin. If you can according to the characteristics of the current student time is relatively abundant, through effective ways and means to improve the students’ skills, can let the employment road to go more smoothly.

O2O + free time value + pay in a timely manner to zhang

at present, the snail tree mainly college students part-time as the breakthrough point, allows users to make full use of fragmented time for part-time information, rich amateur life online users, excavate and improve users free time of added value. Using “online and offline” dual “loot” mode, rob the income can be withdrawal; Users can set their own free time at the same time, the App will automatically according to the user’s idle time to push the corresponding part-time information, including online questionnaire, physical examination, tasks, test reports, etc., and all kinds of part-time offline information, and these part-time job can get corresponding remuneration.

according to the traditional students part-time salary serious lag, the snail tree to allow the user to obtain the labor remuneration as soon as possible. It is understood that the snail tree has been working part and the recruiter, can do part-time paid after the end of the day or the second day. For the convenience of unified management and convenient withdrawal, snail tree user will pay all in snail conerted to virtual bean tree platform currency, the user can withdraw at any time. So the snail tree can provide the safeguard for both part-time trading platform, accelerate trade process.

tree snail, the founder of the business in South Korea during Mr Jiang Dong doing overseas online shopping, products are popular in domestic youth market years ago some brand MP3, UMPC, video equipment, Mr. Jiang was keen seize market opportunities, through the optimization of supply chain, enhance the competitiveness of their products, won the larger market share in China. Back at hc360 belt, senior manager, responsible for the operation.

it is understood that the snail tree in mode of the future in addition to the part-time value-added for the user in the form of free time, will also join the skill exchange elements, let to the various aspects ability are relatively rich demand of undergraduates in the platform with his skills have learned the skills of others. These skills are not limited to rigid content of books, as long as the user is interested in can be exchanged in the snail tree. In the future, the snail tree will also provide some other services based on LBS.

at present, the snail is preparing the angel round tree. Hunting cloud network at this stage to the snail tree part-time platform design and skill exchange mode appreciation in the future. But facing part-time App and online education field application of the red sea, the snail tree still need to high-value, in terms of user experience.

students groups is one of the main smartphone users, for every day bubble in the various App they, they look for in a mobile phone App users, high profile on the interactive and lively, complete range on the function, on the run close to the college students part-time mental App, to early movers in this field. And today’s college students are able to use BBS, SNS, and other products to meet the demand of their part-time, snail tree needs to have more abundant resources of part-time and more premium for college students to work “source”, and timely updates on operations, to make this on the Internet and mobile Internet unfamiliar university students have strong adhesive on this App.