Traveling application walker Pre – A round 5 million

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recently, focus on traveling walker App founder Shen Peijun hunting cloud network to ensure the Pre – A round of 5 million RMB financing has been in place, the investor is wide and issuing securities and all the travel letter, this round of funding will be used to expand team, product, promotion and user operation operation. Before this, walker products just launched amid won the Shanghai road 2 million angels.

walker is a to travel as the breakthrough point of location-based mobile social networking platform. Users can submit their travel plans and walkers will automatically match partner the same way, can also according to the destination, gender and other active search. The user can also reserve hotel, train tickets, air tickets, hotel, etc., in addition, can also record journey footprint, measurement range, generate footprint map, sharing travel experiences.

founder Shen Peijun is a serial entrepreneur, served as spare parking space sharing platform “my parking space net”, but later found that pattern is too complex, the chain link is too long is too heavy, then with the team look for the breakthrough direction, aware of the travel agency after pay gap in the market. He believes that a person’s social impossible only to companies, restaurants, cafes, nearby, even travel, even in the trip, still have the demand of the social, walker to solve the pain is to help people travel to find partners in the same way. At the end of April early May 2013 walker iOS and android version online. There are 3.6 million registered users, 130000 day live.

online travel social products has been very competitive, big companies such as where to go, ctrip, bread travel, tips, on the road, such as cicada travel application also emerge in endlessly, focus for the user to solve before travel, travel and travel after the various needs, and specializing in tourism products is relatively less.

the Shen Peijun believe that the caravans of tourism products, there are two: one is traditional Internet community BBS form, mainly to provide users with post way together information; Second, the late start, the relatively small size. “It is difficult to satisfy in the user experience, by Posting show increase in the number of products as the user content, content increased at the same time, the user experience will be a sharp decline.” Shen Peijun tell hunting cloud network.

Shen Peijun walker’s target users located in three kinds of people: one is the 18 – to have the economic basis, 38, like to travel, likes to show off the little woman; 2 it is 28 and 48 have the economic basis, often go out, old men with social needs; Three is any age has strong social demand, like on the sidelines, but expect to participate in, good at online activities prick silk.

walker main social + services + sharing business model, to provide users with walker application matching partners in the same way, but also to provide users with matching from network partners in the same way in the world. Users to set their own travel plans, in the same way in this section show a lot of time with your travel plans or location close to the user, expanding the user matching probability of success. In addition, walker has achieved ctrip, where net, with three cheng web interface for users to provide booking service, including multiple functions such as tickets, scenic spots, holiday.

Shen Peijun stressed that don’t have to be hand in hand together or accompany, even is a kind of don’t meet together, walker’s positioning is the best travel service delivery platform, insist to do do a point-to-point precise travel service flow entrance, let users through the information interaction, travel assistance to feel warm and help. Talking about future plans, Shen Peijun tell hunting cloud network, the perfection of community platform and later will pay more attention to the platform of rich content, to create a cloud travel service delivery platform.

as for the present stage, how to deal with the relationship with tourism giants Shen Peijun, says walker do is differentiated market segment. Before we provide travel/service: travel journey to find and recognize plan or where or which have already been to, and form a community in the process, as well as the drainage import hotel reservation service, etc.

in terms of profit model, Shen Peijun thinks the walker is the most important is to build a user base, improve the user viscosity. Point-to-point better push in the future. The walkers main current profit model by hotel, air tickets, train tickets booking commissions merchants.