Travel destination, create “P2P + O2O” overseas travel service of social platform

May 8 (word/Yang Sihui)

at present, China’s online travel sites are mainly three modes, the first one is similar to “ctrip” online travel agencies, the second is a delegate with “where” tourism vertical search engine, the last one is “day of cellular” as the representative of the online travel community. Is different from the above three, the destination is a network of travel outbound tourism related services of online social networking platform, to provide travel outside the local guide booking service for passengers, including planning, hotel reservation, translation, guide, car rental, etc, outside and create a social atmosphere.

with the exit freedom tour development, many online travel destination tourism products become startup the Denver nuggets. Travel destination founder peng to hunt cloud network said: “the phenomenon such as exist traditional travel agents, tour, shopping, and free Tours, and language communication obstacles, the unfamiliar situation, travel destination network introduced to solve the pain points needs.”

travel destination network as O2O + P2P business model, to popular destinations of the world’s Chinese converge to the platform, to provide domestic outbound travellers destination guide service. Guide for Chinese students, local overseas Chinese, more professional tour guide or will Chinese of foreigners, they are familiar with local conditions, can act as a translator, but according to tourists intend to travel arrangements, let visitors can stand in the perspective of local tour. The micro letter online in January 2015, public web sites has also launched earlier this month, the current user can through the letters and official website booking guide service.

travel destination choice from the wizard this niche, starting point is the European cut into the market, currently only provide guide booking service, profits from the tour guides service commission, a profit model is relatively single. “First in Europe for the first station, because of its visa difficult, high cost, difficult to rapidly expand the user, so our primary goal of this. Second, we will cover more popular tourist areas, attract more guide to join will expand more services at the same time.” Peng can tell hunting cloud network.

according to cloud network understanding, hunting and travel destination network and mesh, fresh passenger travel in the field of of the same kind, balls, etc. Hadad travel network main highlight the local talent release characteristics of activity, fresh passenger is given priority to with southeast Asia, balls earth to provide the guide of the goal is to cover all over the world.

in the future, the destination network to travel through the integration of domestic air tickets and visa supplier resources to provide more perfect service to extend the profit channel. Booked a tour guide guests can choose the web site of the cooperation supplier to deal with the ticket and visa, so travel destination network will play as a one-stop service for the customer guide book platform.

founder peng but an outbound Tours, found in the process of tourism market blank of private guide book platform, brand management master’s degree in brunel university college London, have 2 years experience in brand planning promotion, 1 years working experience in the travel agency and a large number of foreign wizard resources. Two other core team members, one from 4 a, a former tourism real estate group project operations manager, has 5 years experience in project operations and e-commerce; A technical director from a domestic online travel team, with 5 years experience in Internet industry and 2 years business experience.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, travel destination network through the raise got the first seed funding, finishing the angel round.