Travel adventure: locate single dating, start doing supply chain, to stick to the user experience

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if there is a single trip friends invite you to attend the activities, and then the way link let you single and single girls in a dry pestle to chat on the table, next time and that you are willing to go? Adventure ZhenKaiYu tell hunting cloud network founder, hard to prepare an event is not easy, because the intermediate links to let user dissatisfaction eventually do more harm than good in his heart, not to mention the largest cost for tourist accommodation, etc. Our initial touch a few times, so the final decision, the core is to, must do.

adventure was sent to locate single platform to make friends, travel organization best singles each weekend to have tone, have feelings, have forced to unbridled, to movement, to corruption. Platform’s biggest feature is the theme of all activities are adventure send their planning, travel place is each big tourism platform not more, even if there are overlapping adventure send also interactive link to join in the activity of the all kinds of interesting games, interactive activities, ZhenKaiYu tell hunting cloud network, although he is a after 70, following the team experienced three times. But the whole experience and definitely a people join the tourist group is different, dating atmosphere more thick, better hi. A data can show that to repeat the new old user activity, 45% at present mainly through WeChat public to show activities, realize the users to buy.

because touched, so every time activity adventure send look heavy. Activities before launch planning team all have to go to the on-the-spot investigation, transportation, hotel, activities, dining early will comb unobstructed. Travel the biggest spending for accommodation costs, adventure send selected hotels for niche, high force, five-star hotels, so must be scheduled in advance, adventure will mat endowment in advance. We all signed the agreement, and hotel don’t choose the third party a reason is not cost-effective, 2 it is uncontrollable, experience processes more than a ring. We got the price is the market price is much lower, so the platform shows that the quality of the final pretend bility dating travel controlled with the final price.

field trips, choose the hotel, planning scheme, increase the interactive activities, solve the transportation link, finally comb good activity process. Activities are uniqueness, users buy directly will be pull in to form a good WeChat, head of the group. Till the end of activity, WeChat group will not dissolve , they are in the group chat every day can be happy, there are users in the group of urging us to launch new activities. ZhenKaiYu tell hunting cloud network, because we are positioning the singles contains no talking about men and women marry, so we are thinking about the future population subdivision.

now adventure activities are divided into two pieces, city activities, travel activities. Activities of travel planning cycle is long, the same high. Because a lot of people in WeChat message complaining why no class holidaying, drive and so on can participate in the activities of the joint between families. Because security into consideration, so adventure send only for a moment and try to do a kite parent-child activities, very good responses of ZhenKaiYu tell hunting cloud network, we are prepared to increase parent-child city, parent-child activities such as tourism. Adventure send position will not change at this stage, will be a new plate new team. User base, though different, activity concept remains unchanged, still is unique, interesting high quality.

we don’t actually do the same activities as scale profits, ZhenKaiYu introduction, city activity is very accurate and efficient way of powder, fans gathered quickly, viscosity is high. Our organization has the advantage of safety, professional. Organization is the purpose of local meetings for future traffic to liquidate (to travel) , we assemble the 10 high-quality goods line. The 10 lines are our purpose in more than 100 field selected after signing field trips. our core advantage is the control of tourism products. Tourism but give customers to jilt to the idea of travel agency is biased, we won’t give the user to travel feeling, to give them different travel dating experience .

about profit model, ZhenKaiYu tell hunting cloud network, we can cash in, seized the user in addition to the normal tourist route profits, secondary O2O user value is also adventure in one try. Adventure of users for the single high consumption crowd, so trying to turn the user group of import merchants do corresponding member cross . The adventure and hangzhou first yoga brand (jingyuan yoga), dancing (dance), brand fitness brand fort (comfort) reached a strategic cooperation agreement. Cooperation purpose has three: 1, the member of cross-selling. Our members and their highly overlapping, drainage of each other. Our members have the fitness needs, their single member also have dating travel demand. 2, we pay attention to travel experience tourism products, the experience here including eat, live, play. We advocate healthy in the play, interaction, through yoga, dance, fitness let our members natural interaction; 3, lays the foundation for future earnings. And their cooperation in the first half is free, but formed a certain scale after, we will charge them each a customer’s commission, now talk about the commission ratio is 25%.

about team, founder ZhenKaiYu after 2 years of experience in social networking site operation, set up in 2013 dating on WeChat flow ranked first for a long time. ZhenKaiYu I work in 97 in sichuan changhong group planning, successively venture zhejiang kordsa communication and the world communication, is the core of the zhejiang mobile provider. Oneself also invested in three early Internet project. CTO Yuan Shiyong have 10 years experience in telecom large software product research and development management, CIO Duan Zhichao for mushroom street is one of the early employees, responsible for mushroom street network architecture, figure wall search algorithm, website operation data support, etc. Team full-time eight people at present, the angel rounds of financing needs 2 million, financing will be mainly used in the service process standardization, fan promotion and operations, and covered in Shanghai and nanjing city.