Transformation on Saturday in the United States: cut into play “decision-making flow”, from the surrounding guide swim platform for transformation of leisure life style community

(/xiao-ning zhou wen)

the city in the us, every day busy at work, a lot of the time want to be free to relax after work is uncertain because of too much information, after the end of a week’s busy looking for play, but off because of the complex information. Actually what we need is very simple, just need a good play, and it is beautiful Saturday to build an online daily leisure life personality style community, to solve the user where to play, how to play the pain points.

the United States on Saturday, founder and CEO, say, is a deep cross-industry IT management experience for many years and surrounding myself swimming enthusiasts, he and co-founder Ding Xin is a good friend of 17 years, two people have many entrepreneurial experience, and the team is a group of people will play on Saturday. tell hunting cloud network say: “we buy from a media attribute swam around platform shift as the cause of community leisure life style, the first is with the development of the Internet culture now, do the media buy swim platform around the vast amount of information, not short and hard working image community popular with people; Second transformation in the main game community broke the time constraints, no longer limited to swim around over the weekend, every day after work the game can also into our line of sight, the city entertainment is given priority to, swim around is complementary ; Finally through such layout can also improve the consumption frequency, for the community of users to promote and build deeper product content.”

before cloud network for hunting, when the positioning is a Saturday around the tour guide information platform, the talent of the real game data is structured, according to the user’s individualized demand goods and recommended screening for peripheral, so as to realize shoppers. In may this year, beauty on Saturday in succession on the basis of the original beauty products on Saturday has developed a flagship game community platform, located in the leisure life class play APP, the construction of community platform to pay more attention to play, “play” and “destination” of more vertical detailed function, the original according to the hobby personalized recommend screening of the play, focus on UGC + PGC game community construction, let users find side play, including entertainment and travel around the city on holiday . For the unlimited expansion of “information flow”, Pacific big portal information development is already complete and beautiful Saturday to choose from “decision-making flow”, first solve the problem of how to play, go play of decision-making.

the new product version 3.3 on Saturday has been launched on May 10, core users and talent community construction before it is passed, there are around 15000 in jiangsu region has a short play and about 10000 destination resource accumulation, these talent play through the Saturday after careful screening simplicity is presented to the user with personalized by the community. For no clear entertainment needs of users, the beauty of Saturday’s game community is more personalized and humanized, users can through the function of “play” to see a lot of talent, or other users to share the city of internal and external characteristics of leisure, such as the west lake is flying a kite, farm pick loquat, etc, is different from the general to the destination, the center of gravity is in play, are more likely to stimulate the user interest. User if interested in a certain game, can choose to focus on and check line navigation and related products, such as hotel and ticket. Beauty can access platforms such as ctrip on Saturday, where to pay channels to complete the payment, starting from the decision-making flow surrounding travel more convenient. tell hunting cloud network say: “our products just launched soon, equivalent to a complete demo, later will be based on user requirements gradually improve construction of content function.”

to have a clear destination and personalized needs of users, the choice through integration of multi-dimensional data complete matching on Saturday. “Destination” function, user can select to view the users and the diversification of talent play a destination, is a deep game community. On Saturday in the United States also has a variety of theme leisure lifestyle, such as characteristic coffee shops in the city, characteristics of the chamber of secrets escape, girlfriends peer’s literary swam, romance between couples, etc., the United States on Saturday, according to the time property, travel distance, travel characteristics, travel themes such as targeted recommended according to the algorithm is suitable for the game, and the game is user reveal true feelings, only related to the fun.

the development of leisure tourism platform also has a lot of, such as weekend go to play, to start, the weekend where to go, for the weekend, the lazy weekend, 108 days, in the big platform such as ctrip, where net, beauty group, public comments, etc. There are some similar products. Tell hunting cloud network say: “beautiful Saturday after transformation and the platform location is different, is no longer a peripheral application, but leisure life application, the beauty on Saturday and they is not direct competition relationship, we advocate hit game community, entry point is solve the pain points of user decision-making flow, reducing the problems in the reality, from the user’s positive thinking, also is the first to solve the problem of the user how to play, to meet the user’s” novelty “and” decision “, then the user can through the Saturday arrived in various platforms, such as where to buy tickets, such a rich and convenient community.”

the Saturday are now looking for an angel round of investment, investment will be used for product development and operations, in the mobile terminal is only the ios version.