Touch the CEO Chen Haozhi: this year will be the H5 game of power, but the development of large triple-a game, technical strength and the gap in China

the Cocos (spring), 2015 developers conference held today in Beijing national convention center, with “Power up, game on” as the theme, from the engine, games, technology, ecology of four big opened 32 a keynote speech. Speech content covers the basic technical, research and development, distribution, operations, and other aspects.

Chen Haozhi think this year will be HTML 5 game of power, meeting, touch, said CEO Chen Haozhi on AppStore at present, more and more products was blowing through the cocos started to be successful, the cocos is still the best on the market, do one of the severe large product selection. Although in recent years we have been discussing the H5 the market prospects of the game, but in 2015 the H5 game opportunity really began to appear. Touch on H5 with tencent browser integration, can in a couple of tencent core application in the future will be H5 ran out of the original game performance.

GDC in 2015), the world’s game developers conference period, the Epic of the unreal engine 4 announced exempt from licensing fees. Valve, announced the latest development of Source 2 engine will be free for developers to release demo. But mobile engine company Unity Unity5 also launched a free personal edition. Chen Haozhi said today the global engine of free tide proved touch choose four years ago the correctness of the free, open source strategy.

the game engine is free, is the most direct beneficiaries of independent developers. Did not have the financial constraints, developers have more choices. In addition to overseas engine in attempts to further expand their markets, free in terms of the domestic game engine, touch also have egrets engine that rival. Chen Haozhi said, watch the egrets engine development, but for more developers trust, egrets also need time.

so far, the card, the leisure class products with the Cocos development efficiency will be higher. But Chen Haozhi said, if you need to do in the future large-scale MMO, or aaa games, we need to do 5 years or 10 years. Because we and the United States, Japan, technology strength still have certain gap, the development of need enough time.

back to touch the listed topic, touch and CEO Chen Haozhi term still gives A person the sense of sword refers to A shares. “We are A listed company, we have own audit in every quarter and earnings, actually achieved our income expectations, and we focus on the a-share market. We focus on the a-share market, this is our attitude. What kind of operation opportunity whether or idea, to be honest I now can not express. In the next five to 10 years China’s a-share market is worth looking forward to, and we can indeed in A scarcity industry.”

at the meeting at the same time, touch vulneralbilities said this year will cooperate with 100 domestic and overseas universities start cocos related courses. Have a preliminary set up six major cities throughout the country as the core, to the university, the overall architecture of the cooperative institutions. Cooperation now 60% of colleges and universities are 211, 985 university, they played an exemplary role, will reach 100 this year, from the number above will have increased, there will be increase on number from the subject, and from the domestic to the entire southeast Asia, including Japan, South Korea, radiation.

from DeNA China VP Huang Xuebin Shared IP game experience, he thinks monthly water below 8 million mobile game do not make money, do a IP game, get rid of all the money to points out, do you want to Cover your entire r&d, outsourcing cost, do monthly month water below 8 million is almost not to make money. Such as do you have some water do 10 million a little profit. We got a game, must have the confidence to ensure that 10 million is the lowest water goal.

TalkingData Gao Duo share at the meeting said it flaws device ID to cheat the game. A partner to promote data had reached $60000 a day to activate download, we 12000 monitoring results, our statistical results based on the device ID, they are based on the account, each device can download five or six games and so on statistics have five or six times the growth, does have some space for cheating.