Touch screen, voice, press the crown, who is smart watches the ultimate interactive way?

cloud network hunting note: once upon a time, nokia’s symbian phones are many handheld devices. Once upon a time, smartphone gradually into people’s horizons. Just a few years time, the era of smart phones has amounted to itself. At that moment, smart watch broke into people’s field of vision, and the original smart phones are similar, although now it is delicate and perfect enough, but we still can be predicted that the era of a smart watch is about to open.

last week, I finally have the opportunity to put on the fabled Apple Watch. This is my first time to try out Apple Watch, but it is not the first time experience smart watches: in 2004 when I bought a Microsoft SPOT Watch, after tried a few other smart watches, from MOTOROLA MotoACTV GPS movement wrist to the Pebble smart Watch to SONY Android Wear watches Smartwatch. 3.

compared with Sony smart Watch, Watch provides the function of the Apple is comprehensive, and objectively speaking, Apple more elegant Watch of interaction design. Here, apple’s big advantage is that use the experience of perfect combination of hardware and software; Especially in the watch inside integrates with the function of mobile phone connection. Therefore, the mobile phone can do most of the things, also can be finished on watch; The same functionality in Android Wear a watch or Pebble smart wristwatch is reflected. So, watch at least bring us convenient, you no longer need to frequently see mobile phone, because most of the “glance will understand” message can view on your wrist “.

however, all of these smart watches there is a common challenge, on the premise of not increase the complexity bring more simplicity and use value. If the wristwatch to complete an operation takes a long time, or take a lot of trouble, so you may choose to take out the mobile phone directly, this saves time and effort.

The value of the


this challenge, specifically: how to design a software platform and its application to make originally simple watch becomes conspicuous, more valuable.

some time ago, when I and my partner Matthew Miller (Matthew Miller), recording podcasts at the weekend, the idea suddenly appeared in my mind. I want to say is about Matthew asked my Apple on Watch the use of the experience that part of the content. After a brief pause, I said, watch the side of the two buttons to use a little bit of a problem, press the digital crown (digital crown) watches in the traditional interface and full application to switch between the main page, and then sliding a variety of screen; Some pop-up information only when you slide the screen will jump out. Interestingly, with these words on my podcast haven’t a few hours, ZDNet’s Jason susquehanna (Jason Hiner) couldn’t wait to write a long list of words to refute my point of view.

is not to say that I think Apple Watch (or similar device) will not sell, I don’t feel the same what is wrong with the software. I’m just simply expounds the fact that every smart watch users are faced with the problem, all designs are confined to a small screen. It’s a bit like moving all of today’s interconnected mobile experience into a 1999 flip phone, only a little space can be manipulated. So, either you outside of the screen to increase all kinds of auxiliary Settings and hope that the users will continue to slide, slide, slide the screen, or you can introduce all sorts of function menu.

two solutions are not perfect, but when I was in the Android Wear after the experience on a solution, I found that I prefer the first one way, for now, additional auxiliary Settings seems to be slightly more convenient. Take, for example, the first time I used the smart watches, SONY open an application needs to constantly rolling in a long vertical list to find. Add a set of application, and then you can imagine how to open the application, such as the reference image below steps:

1 click time – scroll down to find the menu 2-3 – click on “start” menu 4 find application

at the end of the day, Google Android Wear made some improvements, in the top menu list the application of the most commonly used. However, lists, and smart watches but how also not a good partner. Of course, you could say “hello, Google, open [XXX] (an application’s name)”, obviously this is more convenient to work. And, in the Android Wear on the third party the Launcher has been launched, the purpose is to improve the user experience. While these facts, further validated my point of view.

apple has taken a completely different solutions to deal with the application of intelligent watch dazzling, but the result is not very ideal. In I use Apple Watch within a period of time, I feel I have application of small screens, dense small ICONS to torture mad; But I the ICONS on the screen is not the most, is just 20 or so. More icon can’t believe it. More collapse icon no captions – see below, a small screen restrictive again revealed here – so you can imagine, only with color and icon shape how to find the application you need a hard situation! The test of eyesight time! However, given the similar ICONS are also on my iPhone, to watch on the identification and barely acceptable, then they actually.

on the other hand, the first attempt to use smart watch users, may feel that such a smart watches can help them save the checking time, but I’m afraid they will be disappointed, no matter the smart watch what is the brand, model or operating platform, at least at present also cannot do this very well. A new generation of Pebble Time was sort of advantage, since it adopted to Watch Apple or Android Wear the operation of the equipment are different interface Timeline: on the basis of Time system management way to communicate news, events, and relatively tedious more intuitive interface.

all of picky doesn’t mean I think smart watch industry prospects will be a bleak. Instead, see such wearable equipment sales from 2014 in 4.6 million to 18 million this year, I’m not surprised, including Apple Watch sales will quickly beyond Android Wear smart watches. And intelligent software will be kept updated on the watch, every time will provide a better experience.

so, how to make the next generation of smart watch becomes more simple and convenient to use? Intelligent voice control is a very development value of the field, but it still is only for the current expansion of the existing technology. For example, you can call Siri to launch Apple Watch or view in the application of a new message. But the fly in the ointment is that apple’s representative told me, Siri temporarily can’t voice in answer to your request, so, you have to lift the wrist to check the small screen.

smart watch enough smart

further combined with sensors, application environment and personal information is another key research direction.

, for example, I have to go out for a walk every afternoon, so whenever sensor perceive I started walking, smart watch will automatically start a monitor application, start to record my walking speed, distance and route. Watch the GPS sensor can also come in handy at this time, when the system is perceived when I go to often stay in the coffee shop near, on the interface of the watch can be automatically jump out of the coffee shop payment options. Such “smart application startup” mode will greatly reduce the complex interactions between users and watch the screen, thus really watch into a real smart wear assistant.

at the same time, new challenges are placed in front of the platform and application developers. How between smart watch and mobile phone design interaction in a simple and meaningful way to be truly allow the user to put aside your mobile phone? But anyway, I always have confidence in our developers and designers, and always look forward to a real smart watch the arrival of the era.

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