Top vc kleiner perkins caufield & byers and get caught up in sex abuse, first appeared in court accused of female partners

the venture-capital firm kleiner perkins (hereinafter referred to as the “kleiner perkins caufield & byers”), a former partner at rai – ROM wasa (Trae Vassallo) local time on Tuesday at a testify in court, she said she also encountered BaoKang such as the number of rapes (Ellen Pao) in the defendant’s sexual harassment.

BaoKang kleiner perkins caufield & byers partners as in the last year in California superior court lawsuit against former club, she said she called kleiner perkins caufield & byers, a former partner at his tag – na zell (Ajit Nazre) had sexual harassment to her behavior. BaoKang such as said at the time of the trial, hazel tried to her sexual harassment, not only on the job after refused to give her discovery ambushes. At the same time, kleiner perkins caufield & byers inside also has serious discrimination against women behavior, such as junior partner than men, women, junior partner only fewer sponsored and investment on the board of directors, kleiner perkins caufield & byers the proportion of profits distributed to female partners is low.

then BaoKang as presented to the company, which is based on the reason of gender discrimination claim of $16 million, while kleiner perkins caufield & byers find BaoKang charges such as unreasonable, call her “distorted the facts, the paper puts forward such a groundless.” At present, hazel has left office in 2011, while BaoKang as in 2012, has been expelled from kleiner perkins caufield & byers.

however, kleiner perkins caufield & byers attorney, forest – herm le (Lynne c. Hermle) in a court of law, explains BaoKang as in the venture capitalists didn’t succeed not because she was a woman, not because she complained about the company, but she could not achieve work goals. BaoRuKang constantly for work, like to complain, complain about the location of the meeting schedule unfair, complain not invited to dinner, the meeting didn’t find her, complain about work more than others, said it doesn’t get along with people, and easy to conflict with others. So, the company based on she didn’t come to company for junior partners to reason and fired them.

it is worth mentioning that wasa luo had also like BaoKang as is the junior partner at kleiner perkins caufield & byers, then was promoted to the general partner of the company, and in September last year.

varsa ROM revealed in the trial and his hazel one thing happened in 2009: “when we went to Mr Luo area of a bar to discuss about the strategy of green technology, and then he started under the table legs touch me, I immediately stopped him, and told him I don’t have any other ideas for him. After this, hazel treat my attitude began to hot and cold.”

after the wasa, he will tell the things of the company, but Mr Zell or a trip to New York in 2011 on a business trip in to his varsa offensive.

“at the time, zell about an industry is very famous people for dinner, his business contacts to me involved in enterprise is very helpful, and zell and invited me to join. But when I arrived at the restaurant was found that the man was not in the restaurant, and then I started to doubt if this is a scam from the beginning. In after dinner, hazel in pajamas and slippers in my hotel room on the door, but I finally he will launch the door.” Wasa, luo said.

when he luo will tell partner at kleiner perkins caufield & byers senior management – Ryan (Ray Lane, Lane didn’t pay attention to this matter, but a joke to her said “you should feel happy, you also want me to do something for you?”

varsa said, kleiner perkins caufield & byers partner John el (John Doerr) more later under pressure and said the company will promote more female partners, but the latter has never asked luo wasa about, hazel.

it should be pointed out that, kleiner perkins caufield & byers is one of the most status of venture capital firms in silicon valley today, get kleiner perkins caufield & byers capital enterprise customers including technology giants such as amazon and Google. In addition to the cases involving a number of sensitive issues such as sex, also because of gender discrimination problems raised on the industry’s attention and make the case in the tech world caused widespread discussion.