Tomorrow maintenance on sale: in a transparent service + low price for the 4 s shop to attract customers, has won hundreds of millions of angels

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domestic small white most of people are driving cars, lack of car maintenance knowledge, do a car service to the quality of the material, service, price, technician level and other factors, which are not transparent, so the quality of car maintenance service for the owners is particularly important.

tomorrow maintenance is on sale by the cloud physical union launched a free car maintenance App, aims to provide owners with the 4 s shop car special maintenance information, implementation to the price of the motor repair shop to enjoy professional services to the 4 s shop. LingXingHui told cloud network exclusive hunting, at the beginning of the company established, completes the million-dollar angel financing, is currently in the pre – A round of financing.

the three founders of content couplet, the clouds LingXingHui, LeiJiKe and wang jun, is the university of electronic science and technology alumni. Founder LingXingHui is the thought of science and technology and people, huaqiang cultural technology group product manager, has 8 years experience in car networking experience and serial entrepreneur. Development up to now, the cloud team a total of more than 20 people.

car maintenance service includes routine maintenance, big small and medium-sized maintenance, car beauty, minor repairs, car maintenance services such as insurance, a yearly check year careful. Tomorrow maintenance specials to maintain as the breakthrough point, is the cloud associated increase intelligent car service this is the first stage of the product on the road.

the traditional pattern of car maintenance for the owner, don’t know what their own cars need maintenance, not clear own maintenance will cost much money. and maintenance on sale tomorrow based on the content of the maintenance service provided by the 4 s shop, the material, the price as well as the key indicators of word of mouth a few users concerned about such as transparency, consumer choice to return the user’s hand.

tomorrow maintenance by the data processing, to what kind of maintenance, detailed told the owner needs to be done based on the geographic location query 4 s shop, online order can enjoy preferential, what kind of support to place an order at any time, 24 hours telephone appointment process. Tomorrow maintenance covers special chengdu 418 4 s shop, the owner can be free to choose, the price is according to the distance.

about service transparent this problem, tomorrow maintenance special choose cooperation with 4 s shops, mainly considering the pure diversion platform offline service quality is difficult to guarantee, and it is specification, 4 s shop behind the manufacturer is more strict with the quality, thus saving the maintenance on sale tomorrow at source control.

at the moment, after the car market with B2C mode of competing goods is not less, such as car ownership dots, car spot, etc. tomorrow maintenance of special advantage by integrating with 4 s shop service quality assurance resources to realize the standardization of service process. due to the 4 s shop to bring customers, owners can also enjoy the stores offer a discount on the product platform preferential benefit (through maintenance specials and 4 s shop tomorrow consultation, make the owner can enjoy preferential) as low as 5 fold. Tomorrow maintenance special price on the premise of zero promotion has accumulated nearly 10000 registered users and achieve the expansion of the daily average of 200 or so.

as the first stage of the product and maintain the profit pattern of special price tomorrow by 4 s inn after-sales service to attract customers to a certain proportion commission. When it comes to the future profit model, LingXingHui tell hunting cloud network, cloud content couplet focus is based on data analysis, on the basis of large data rather than as a simple order commission.

in my opinion, car maintenance itself is low frequency time service, maintenance on sale tomorrow to consider how to do the user scale is large, so the user viscosity and attracting new users in ascension, LingXingHui said that in the future development trends, will add more service category, such as online help owners to do vehicle evaluation, in professional technicians online brand specialty solutions and new community discussion, and other functions. Auto service and personalized for mobile is the main development direction, is also the cloud league’s upcoming 2.0 products, as well as 3.0 product key to solve the problems in the future.