To which the strategic investment yuantong ali

alibaba group announced today, has teamed up with yunfeng capital, on the domestic main logistics yuantong express enterprises to make strategic investment, but did not disclose the specific amount and shareholding.

said that both sides will work together to China express logistics industry upgrade, promote industry in management, product promotion, internationalization, the rural logistics development and change, improve China’s express logistics service ability and service level, bring benefit to businesses, consumers, logistics companies and other parties.

“yuantong change over the next 15 years to be more daring,” yuantong express YuWeiJiao chairman said, “yuantong with ali, cooperating with a rookie to become the model of the industry, by improving the management and products lead to the development of the industry, promote the next 2-3 years evolution of China’s express delivery industry.

rookie TongWenGong network President of alibaba group, senior vice President, said, “through the way with yuantong investment, strategic cooperation, set up the service standard, hope to encourage more partners to improve service quality, perfecting the system construction. Rookie network as a platform, also look forward to with more emphasis on service, attaches great importance to the internal system construction and management of more in-depth cooperation partners.”

with rapid growth of the express delivery business, the express industry in the fierce market competition. Because of the service product homogeneity, the main performance of the competition is a price war. But the service quality, lack of product innovation breakthrough. This become the important background the strategic cooperation. TongWenGong said, as a new starting point, promoting the ascension of the whole service industry.

round pass, founded in 2000, for the domestic network coverage of the highest express companies, with domestic express delivery market share of around 20%.