To think in the Internet to do the brand, “sanitary napkin” afternoon just to protect women

(text/Tan Ziling)

some time ago, a batch of mainland manufacturing sanitary napkin by being detected dangerous levels of radiation up to 35 times, being held in Lebanon airport, sparking panic of domestic and international numerous women. Sanitary napkin as adult women life style, is closely related to women’s health. Frequent outbreaks of sanitary napkin safety problems in China, including detected before the portability fluorescent whitening agent and so on, for women is a threat. Afternoon team based on the reality, using the Internet to the afternoon thinking design this brand of sanitary napkin, original intention is to provide high quality sanitary napkin for women.

it is known that afternoon sanitary napkin is in hanzhong city of jiangxi province science and technology co., LTD., its products, is a feminine care supplies electrical goods brand, it USES the Internet to operate on sanitary napkin brand, the broad masses of women to participate in the new mode of experience to improve. In hanzhong city of jiangxi province science and technology co., LTD. Was established in April 2013, the predecessor is the source code of the software development company, then transition to a focus on the mobile Internet company, feminine care and health company size up to 25 people. The xinhua news agency, and other media reported on the afternoon sanitary napkin entrepreneurial teams.

“to protect the woman” the product concept. “On behalf of a romantic, warm afternoon, we hope to bring users the feeling”, sanitary napkin, the founder of the afternoon Chen Zhangwen convective cloud network said. He graduated from nanchang aviation university information management and information system specialty, also a serial entrepreneur. The idea of germination afternoon sanitary napkin is a much-told story. Once, allergic girlfriend went to the hospital to check, the doctor said may be because caused by inferior sanitary napkin, combined with the usual Chen Zhangwen also often buy sanitary napkin for his girlfriend, so he had to do a high quality sanitary napkin brand idea.

do before IT industry experience, because Chen Zhangwen joint classmates and friends started to develop the afternoon this brand. Through comparing and consult relevant association industry, long afternoon team found that there are no that kind of surface, permeability is good quality sanitary napkin, so they are purchasing the global advanced raw materials at home and abroad, punched non-woven wings, puffing paper, silicone mold, pure nano coated paper, etc., cost three times the traditional electricity, again in fujian quanzhou a factory with a history of 15, 16 years sanitary napkin production processing production. At present, the products have been registered trademark.

“we are in accordance with the Internet thinking design products, contact with the skin is the first layer of cotton, domestic use of advanced materials, basic on the package not much modification, the society is very complicated, we hope the girl with this thinking is very contracted, especially period no longer upset”, founder Chen Zhangwen tell hunting cloud network.

hunting cloud network learned that afternoon sanitary napkin PC website online at the end of April in 2014, is now registered members has reached more than 20. Afternoon has been released products are 1.0 and 2.0, a total of 4 products production, about 40 more than the number of package sanitary napkin. At present, the team is building sanitary napkin 3.0 afternoon, will do further ascension in sanitary napkin raw materials, permeability, water imbibition. Now, the website can sell about 200 packages of products every day.

2013 afternoon sanitary napkin create a “afternoon to protect women festival”, on the day on May 25, free to the nation to send one hundred million pieces of sanitary napkin, product is on sale at the same time, when received good results.

about relative to traditional sanitary napkin electricity, Chen Zhangwen said “they know how to make a cutting-edge products, channels but the cost is very high, can only use the general materials, for us, in the afternoon the advantage of price is higher, we will adopt the way of direct selling directly behind, and take positions around the cooperation, 24 hours of arrival”.

Chen Zhangwen told hunting cloud network, afternoon will mainly produce the two levels of products, one is the price in the high-end product of several hundred yuan, the other is pay attention to the relatively low price of products, set up an Internet shopping mall. After the market share reached 20% ~ 30%, the afternoon will expand the scope of products and services, like Watson, on line set up Internet cosmetic stores, set up a cosmetic product shopping mall and to build a cosmetic product Internet brand, 40% sell original brand, 60% other brand high quality goods.

in 2013, jiangxi in hanzhong city science and technology co., LTD. Angel financing has completed 2 million yuan, a year after the afternoon also profitable through product sales, at present, in the afternoon 3.0 sanitary napkin products have mature, Chen Zhangwen said it would continue to financing, to expand production.