To run a part-time job in college students’ market perspective of part-time

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cloud network hunting note: to run a part-time job is a college students part-time service platform, belonging to suzhou to run software technology co., LTD., has signed the angel round agreement, is now in the process, the follow-up funding news will in cloud network exclusive start hunting . November online APP in 14 years, college students part-time docking requirements and local companies to hire, the current business scope covers suzhou area, plan to expand this year including ten cities such as chengdu, nanjing, changsha.

in recent years, the market of the university students entrepreneurial enterprises have mushroomed, a good development situation, the capital market has won a big amount of financing. Business form of the university students can be roughly divided into two kinds, one kind is money, one kind is to make money. Spend money includes a variety of consumer products segment in stages, including interest in installment, first flower, etc.; To make money including part-time, part-time rabbit cat, to run a part-time job, and so on.

the Chinese college students part-time market is not a new business model, business model has no significant innovation. In the field of part-time, should be the most important part of the operation and promotion. “We want to do a part-time job of the university students in the field of closed loop O2O, service side and C and B, can be used on both sides.” To run a part-time job, founder and CEO li gang told hunting cloud network.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, there is a part-time market industry leading, in the stage of melee. College students want to find a part-time job basically similar to find fault, more difficult, the experience is not good, not one of them a credit system, but also possible security problems. Only by establishing the credit system, is likely to form a closed loop, attract the BC both the use of the user.

C end users in the use of part-time APP to run, see the appropriate part-time can click apply, if click employed B end, will be on the platform to form a valid orders, will form a payroll, after completing a job B side click payment, salary will be transferred to the user’s account, the user can withdraw funds at any time.

there might be some problems in the chain, the integrity of a and B end users, that is to say whether the enterprise is on; Second, students can be conscientious in working time, students are on; Three, both sides communication is smooth, platform is there a tracking system, is there a service standards, salary if they arrive on time;

this, li gang told hunting cloud network, to run a part-time job in B end users to control more strictly, the staff on-site audit, is legally binding and is associated with the signing of the agreement, if there is a problem need to rights, Taipei will help students rights protection, the maximum guarantee the interests of the students from harm. In addition, most businesses are to understand this group of students, part-time jobs while they earn living is not easy, generally don’t spite. Platform and B end user cooperation for a long time after can form a good relations of cooperation, this time if the student need daily wage, platform will choose the way of leading advances, after the settlement with B end users on a regular basis.

“installment consumption of college students colorful products now do, this is to spend money, believe that more opportunities for the product to help college students to make money can do. The current college students part-time job market is in a group of hou fragmented state, the future will come out one or two enterprises occupy the market. The mainest is working against advantage, quickly do users.” Li gang told hunting cloud network.

college students part-time demand is very strong, with the survey data show that 30% of the students for the purpose of making money subsidies for living expenses are willing to work part-time, a 25% of the students from early to adapt to the society, the purpose of improving skills to part-time. In addition, more than 90% of the companies have employed part-time staff (intern) demand, China has more than 3000 colleges and universities, college students more than 40 million, compared with the developed countries 80% of the proportion of part-time, there is a huge business opportunities, the size of the market is expected to reach more than 100 billion yuan.

business model in the imagination of the space is larger, of course, the business model above may involve aspects including installment consumption, college students recruiting students looking for work, group business platform, in groups all the reward and so on. Of course, all this is the premise of must have a certain users as the foundation.

team, founder and CEO li gang has many years working experience in FMCG industry, COO Zhang Qian electricity field more than 10 years operating experience, the CTO Ma Jinfeng is a serial entrepreneur, has rich experience in research and development of mobile Internet products, it is worth mentioning domestic senior angels, drops a taxi co-founder wang gang also play an important role in the team , the members of the team a total of 32 people.

the author’s opinion, college students part-time in this area will be come out this two companies dominate the market, of course with the localization of also exist a few small scale, pattern primitive, miniature enterprise can earn some money. since the model above is no innovation, the demand is very clear, so between the entrepreneurial teams competing in this area is? Is executive force, it is the user experience! There is more important is that capital operation ability, to quickly develop without money how line?

it is understood that the current run part-time business every day in suzhou area about 100 or so, is to form a team, expand the central China and east China is expected to begin at the end of march. founder li gang to cloud network exclusive hunting, according to the agreement has been signed the angel round, taking the process.