To formally hand in hand! Meizu alibaba $590 million strategic investment

this morning, meizu announced that had won a $650 million in investment, among them, alibaba group to invest $590 million, haitong kai yuan fund investment of $60 million, but did not disclose the specific stake. This is also the meizu introducing strategic investment for the first time.

exactly a year ago, meizu founder jack had announced a “return” in the BBS, also revealed that the meizu will introduce capital, do mass. Let he made up his mind to so change is mainly to see the rapid rise of millet, if you want to continue to compete with them, the feelings and ideal is not enough, even alone products are difficult to reverse the big picture, capital support is more important. From the later, meizu officially opened the road to look for outside investors.

in fact, around the alibaba group, the injection meizu rumours also continuously. In August last year there was news that alibaba 2 billion investment meizu, but has not been officially confirmed. In business, meizu keep a closer relationship with ali, for example Flyme ali cloud OS as the underlying architecture.

for ali, actually push YunOS more purpose is to get rid of the Google android’s control strategy, despite the previous contact some domestic handset manufacturers but did not form scale, acer alliance cooperation has also been Google stumbles. How to continue into the mainstream mobile phone manufacturer and form a brand effect, and then build ecosystem is one of the need to strengthen.

“investment in the meizu, represents a major expansion of alibaba ecosystem, it is also our important step mobile strategy, in order to give the user more mobile products and experience.” Alibaba group CTO jian wang said.

after taking a stake in alibaba group with meizu will also be a series of cooperation in the strategy and business level. Meizu technology President Bai Yongxiang said, “the introduction of strategic investment will give the meizu smartphone and the rapid development of the intelligent ecosystem brought strong power.

alibaba and meizu formed a long-term strategic cooperative partnership. Ali will be electricity, Internet, mobile Internet services, smart phones, system, data analysis and pay to provide resources and support to meizu, meizu will in the smartphone system of promotion, in view of the hardware and the user on the interaction and visual customization, market strategy, offline sales channels to provide support and assistance to ali, thus extending the mobile Internet advantage of alibaba.

after the alibaba group with meizu have cooperation in the areas of smart phones and intelligent household.