To build the whole category ingredients B2B platform “source” fresh “back rest assured the quality of supply and demand


source this fresh is a convenient, quick, the traceability of the whole food supply service category

source this fresh start-up team a total of eight people, has now developed to 34 people. Founder xiao-chen xu 07 began to work in ali, is mainly responsible for marketing and planning. Co-founder Liu Chuanjiang is working in the field of food safety for many years, was in charge of the food safety supervision of chengdu traceability public service platform, overall design and project implementation.

food traceability in foreign markets, have formed a very complete system, the source of this fresh team also visit the Australian cooperation projects, such as how a tomato into farmland, in the end how to consumers on the dining table, this has been formed in the whole process of the whole process of traceability system. This to source the raw founding team has brought a lot of touches, although the food traceability in the domestic food safety environment, at this stage seems to be no substantial meaning, can’t change the nature of the food safety problem, but the team think food traceability must do, team hopes to solve the needs of users, also hope to give oneself psychological satisfaction.

the current requirement of small and medium sized catering and farmers’ market operators (there are three:

it is food prices, price system is not transparent in the market today, the procurement cost is high, the operator cannot get transparent bargaining rights.

two is food distribution, because of the small amount of purchase, the small and medium-sized restaurant operators need their distribution in ingredients after purchase, delay time waste of manpower.

is three ingredients, once appear, the ingredients of food safety problem, cannot be traced, source of responsibility is the operator itself.

the source of this fresh is to provide fast accurate raw food distribution services, to provide users with more competitive prices, and realize the whole process of source, data record, rapid detection of pesticide residues and other services. For chestnuts, ordinary small and medium-sized catering day food purchasing quantity is not much, also want to respectively to different several shops to purchase, at the time of purchase to bargain with the vendor, vendor will integrate distribution restaurant. In this case, the source of this fresh service solves the foodservice operators food distribution, such as spot prices, a certain human liberation, giving users more additional value. For the restaurant consumers (C), as long as the scan qr code traced on mobile phones while dining place can query the restaurant food traceability information, on the day to eat more at ease.

in view of the small and medium-sized restaurants and farmers markets operator for relative not familiar with the characteristics of Internet technology, the source of this fresh micro letter public platform for the secondary development, without having to download, let the user operation more easy. Users in the WeChat public queries can be order, order management, logistics and food tracing, etc. Xiao-chen xu tell cloud network, hunting the source of this fresh team did a lot of work in the product user experience, in order for display, product description, how to guide users to place the order made on simplified functions, such as to make the operation more simple, more in line with the characteristics of small and medium-sized catering and farmers’ market operators.

competing goods, the source of this food fresh and beauty has been confrontation for many times, they are – there are. And beauty is different is the source of the fresh food distribution outsourcing self-built logistics distribution center, in this case, the food service limitation is relatively less. In chengdu oakes square, for example, the food distribution three stores need one and a half hours, the source of this fresh distribution 30 less than an hour can solve, delivery timeliness is stronger.

source this fresh, launched on March 31st, the small and medium-sized restaurant 357 home users, increase the 30 or so a day, officially opened on May 8, the large restaurant, such as schools, agencies canteen users around 60, 100 or so farmers’ market.

the whole food supply service category, this is xiao-chen xu for the source of this fresh long-term positioning. Current source this fresh already in shuangliu, pujiang integrates four farm base, the main hot style sheet is tasted, the tipping point for hot style. Later in the development, the source of this fresh will integrate more farm base to promote the market, improve supply chain efficiency, including distribution, service and product integration, etc., will also create more soft value added products such as rice, rapeseed, etc to enhance user stickiness.

according to cloud network know, hunting the source of this fresh team has completed the angel round, has launched A round of funding plan.