To avoid business fail, please remember the five golden rules

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cloud network hunting note: in this paper, the author Arthur Attwell for Electric Book Works, co-founder and director.

a startup companies have sprung up, let countless entrepreneurs have a boiling passion, but Arthur Attwell brings us five golden rule tells us that the ideal is plump, reality is very skinny.

people tend to be carried away by set up the joy of startup and, in fact, the startup in the eyes of giants is a commodity. Don’t do other people in the eyes of goods, please remember the following five principles.

earlier this year, I closed my startup. So recently, I finally had a chance to reflect on my previous actions, find themselves different from others. Hindsight is unfair and inaccurate, but I enjoy this learning opportunity. Remember a golden rule, do not call your company startup. Although this is just a word game, but it is very important, why?

startup has become a commodity, including business meetings, site, courses and competitions. Young enterprise the founders are distracted by emerging industry charm, and try to find the real guidance and support, we are in start-up, not the customer, but a commodity. In fact, we are ready to PPT, catch a plane, a report, do spend too much time on books, just to have the opportunity to come to the fore. I also hard to struggle, but didn’t get in return. If again, I hope the time can be used in the waste of my own career.

here are my five golden rule set themselves

don’t touch the emerging industry

within this week, I have received an invitation from four startups to join. The forehead, and so on, just looked at the mail, here comes a. It’s really crazy. Business conference, leisure, morning tea, the exhibition… A wave after wave. In fact, I just want to quietly do my own projects.

all kinds of the entrepreneurial activity is expected to expand social expectations. Sometimes can really make one or two friends, but it seems that in most cases is a waste of time, the time should be used in my project.

your next project may involve the media and publishing, health care, engineering technology, or some other industries, but certainly not what emerging industries. In an emerging industry, are you meet people who are entrepreneurial. They do not become your customer. Must go to the activities that have a lot of your potential customers.

sometimes, and some like-minded entrepreneurs a meal together is good, can get rid of loneliness. , of course, if you are not out to publicity, it is back to work well, or go home with his wife and children, to enjoy the leisure time of the next homes.

no longer entrepreneurship competition

innovation competition, promote competition, planning contest… A variety of entrepreneurship competition filled with our life. Sometimes may attract investment for a game. (the first prize, an investor; The second prize, two investors!

to be honest, you really have the hope can invest in a cocktail party you startup investors? This kind of risk and the bank will tell you the kindness as unreliable credit card has been overdrawn. If you really met, amitabha.

there are worse things than this? Before I had a phone call from a mainstream international consulting firm, told me that we won an innovation award. But if I, I think I got the prize is announced to the public have to pay some money. Know not, they actually lion big openings to 7500 euros!

you can get commercial support, or help from some of the MBA students. Before we worked with such a team, they to me is not familiar with the industry, and they told me things when I would have already know. I think this is a waste of time.

if you have time to play, then take part in what you are sure to win, and nothing that venture capital activity. Don’t be in the eyes of others.

don’t misled by the media aura that startups

in the startup media famous is tempting. For the media, the startup says “you are great” is not difficult. If you are a startup from Africa and a prize at the same time, this is the object of media scramble to report.

reports of our company are many, and we’ve got a series of business awards, including a was held at Accenture business awards as well as the public praise from the South African parliament. We in the CNN web site, such as Forbe as an typical to promote entrepreneurship. Even we are in a book about the startups as example. We also acknowledge that all sorts of awards for us the opportunity to get up in the media.

however, from a number of cases, we found that there are many positive coverage of startups sales performance is not ideal, or have been investors’ interference. In fact, the product sales is the only standard. Indeed, the positive coverage from the media can stimulate staff work enthusiasm, strengthen the confidence of investors. However, the benefits over time. So don’t chase the entrepreneurial media reports, to find suitable for your own media organization. Maybe they are not good or less entrepreneurial media find appealing, but they really is what we depend on.

don’t tell the customer you are startups

all executives are very appreciate the startup, but remember, just enjoy. Enterprises, especially large enterprise, is not willing to purchase a product or service from a startup, everyone prefer industry’s giants. If your company is the old man and let others think you are already industry in the industry enjoy a certain reputation, you will succeed. We need to book publishers are in Paperight, provide us with the most valuable Ip, because generally this kind of thing is impossible to happen in a startup. We can say we hold this project for a long time, just to be on the agenda again recently. If so, other companies will tend to cooperate with us, because it looks like we have a history of precipitation.

get useful help

venture industry seem to need to full of passion and wisdom, flush with cash. However, in most case, it is not worth the cost. In fact, the better to some truly, truly, do you have any experience and will help your colleagues for help. If this is not the case, the spiritual support and a pile of empty awards.

it is not easy to adhere to the five principles in fact. When I forget, please remind me. I want to do is a career rather than a startup treated as commodities. Because we don’t have so much time to waste.


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