To attract and retain users with practical function, help to cut into the car after market

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cloud network hunting note: automotive help is a location-based service life social app, mainly to provide users with carpooling, traffic query, lawless query, query the price for the car service, in the case of almost didn’t make any promotion, the current number of users has exceeded 300000. In June 2014, won the 5 million yuan investment.

car help Zou Yuexi founder has been working in the automobile industry since 4 years, until now. In his words, “I love this industry, I will do it.” Initially done car bridge engineers, spare parts sales channels, and even made a print reporter for car plates. The degree of understanding of the automotive industry, it goes without saying.

after the car to help the team did a APP called “check the car”, according to introduce the automobile price error range of the product is about 3%. In the process of operation, found that people who need to check the car to have a car is very useful, but the somebody else to buy the car won’t use again, users keep degree is low, at present the product is in a state of natural growth.

but “check prices” this product is accumulated a certain customer base, and provide some product development train of thought. Zou Yuexi discovery tools products, there is a common fault is in any case, it is difficult to complete the transaction closed loop. Power is now the team main products are car help, was built in some practical functions, including query roads, parking lots query, illegal query tools such as convenient and practical products. Each of these gadgets are unable to support a product, together, is more valuable for users. A bit like douban movies, watercress books product strategy.

car help besides built-in practical small tools, there are two extremely important constituent, carpooling and drive. Carpooling, many owners are willing to free carpool. Zou Yuexi tell hunting cloud network, data show that during the commute is 70% to 70% of private cars are the only one, is the driver himself. There is at least three seats is free, this is a huge waste. Drive aspect is also belongs to the category of carpool, but not during the working day, application scenario is generally around the holidays.

believes that many people have seen chai jing survey about fog documentary “dome under” video, the effects on the public is not small, environmental protection consciousness also has a certain improvement, lots of people are willing to share seat let out to others. Zou Yuexi to hunt cloud network said, in fact, probably in a month before he came to broadcast the movie, there is a titled “a virgo father struggle and fog haze, the article also received some attention, he is the author of this article. As if to say a bit far, anyway.

business model, car help besides will provide some brand advertising, the late is likely to cut into the automotive after market, should be the maintenance of decoration. Auto after market big enough, if the executive ability can support team development, its late development should be no problem.

for the author put forward why not just do things in the car after market, why do you want to provide users with a service and then cut into the auto after market, there are many similar start-ups alike.

Zou Yuexi said, “to provide a practical tool for the small, is valuable for users, in addition the carpool this thing is to keep on trying no matter how I, haze is so serious now, my daughter is also influenced by fog, it is harmful to I hope I can do a little things, to make a little change, don’t say what feelings not feelings, I believe that a person has value to the society, he is a man of value. At the back of the commercial I is it sustainable hope to be able to do it, of course, also want to make money, feed company, has now set up the framework, behind speed should be faster.”

it is important to note that Zou Yuexi was the wheels connected co-founder, this product boasts hundreds of millions of users, has completed the B round of funding. Current car to help the team’s composition are mainly composed of product development, almost no operation, the current team of 18 people. In June last year, has completed 5 million yuan angel round, is expected to launch A new round of funding.