Tired of Microsoft type management, conduct to startup founder playing a new business model

Microsoft in July 2012, bought for $1 billion or co-workers cooperative software company. Transaction is completed, the conduct of one of the founders, PayPal former executives, Hollywood screenwriter David sachs (David Sacks) just faded from the public eye, and left the company in two years.

conduct another skin SONY co-founder Adam (Adam Pisoni) still manage the conduct of business. SONY has tremendous influence within Microsoft, because Microsoft intends to transition to a more modern cloud service providers.

over the years, Microsoft has been in accordance with the period of three years to develop software. Microsoft hopes that after transformation will mainly to sales of cloud services, so you can update products. This is not a new technology, Salesforce and other cloud companies use this mode for many years, but the skin SONY was one of the main proponents of Microsoft.

now, SONY is also preparing to find another way out. He left Microsoft, in order to begin his next project at Responsive.org. The goal of this project more ambitious: in addition to changing the mode of software writing, SONY and his partner also want to change the mode of operation.

all around is referred to as the “Halocracy” business model. Skin SONY said: “this is a particular level of enterprise management mode.”

most of the company’s organizational structure like the army is hierarchical level. The everyone in the company have a formal title, their influence is associated with levels of, from top to bottom level. Only senior managers are the exception, they responsible for assigning resources to the rest of the company and position. Company staff in order to get a new influence, either by being promoted, or just wait for corporate restructuring.

but many companies found that the old management model is no longer applicable. Between people and the enterprise’s information transmission speed is much faster than before, this means that the change happens all the time. Old command and control management structure has couldn’t keep up with the pace of change, many companies are trying new organizational structure.

in Halocracy management mode, human resources are in accordance with the known as the “circle” of small teams to organize. Each circle has a specific goal, but the circle of people may have different jobs and responsibilities. These jobs and the name of the network itself can be changed at any time.

as SONY had explained, he was in conduct is in charge of engineering and technical work, those manages more than 200 employees. He said: “but that also means that a lot of burden, because I am holds the position of manager, so I have to do the work of human resources and other related. I don’t know if I work in the above will do the best, but the work really took me a lot of energy.”

in Halocracy mode, all are the best person for his position, and need to take responsibility for their own work performance.

skin, SONY said Halocracy is not an end, but rather a turning point, the ultimate goal is to create a more flexible for the enterprise organization structure.

many technology companies such as Zappos, Google and Facebook were already doing it, but when he was put forward in 2013 Responsive. Rog project ideas and delivered a declaration of organizational goals, he heard that there are dozens of companies are grappling with the same idea.

skin SONY said: “in the past two years, Halocracy model has shift from tasted multiplied by the supreme leadership attaches great importance to the enterprise.” He said, general electric, NAB bank and Telstra have begun to consider using this kind of new management mode.

today formally established Responsive.org will be for those who want to change the management mode of the people in the enterprise to provide a platform of mutual learning and sharing. It sounds a bit loose and fuzzy, but it and began in 2000, has now become the most scientific way of standard programming flexible programming exercise. Responsive.org hope copying software development aspects of the change in the field of enterprise organization.

skin SONY got the Undercurrent management consultant company, the chief executive of dragon DE gran (Aaron Dignan) support, Zappos and Microsoft are also involved in.

when it comes to Microsoft, SONY said the company’s chief executive, Sartre, Della (Satya Nadella) really need to change, but he himself can’t do.

he said: “I am Sartre’s loyal fans, he really did a good job. But the company needs to learn the lesson is that even if the technology company’s chief executive, did a good job, to change enterprise’s organization structure still need to do more work. They have done the right thing to do, some will work, some may not. The fundamental problem is that they can become more adaptability after how long.”

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