Timi time billing: flat UI + time axis to an account, into the light finance


it is understood that in the vast majority of ordinary account application, obvious highlight several shortcomings: 1, the design is too ugly. 2, bookkeeping process is too complicated, I bought a bottle of water, billing, it found that takes 3-4 step to the record. 3, no interest, and accounting is a very boring, very mechanical operation, but if can be in charge to an account giving users more interesting interactions, so both for the user and the software itself, has a very good role.

Timi time charge to an account with the method of single interface, also need to charge to an account, the drop-down or click on the large number + can be. At the top is a more beautiful landscape, but adornment effect. The user can change other images in the set, the top left corner is functional menu can switch between various month or custom bill. In the top right corner of the icon to view the consumption chart function. Timi time billing bills showing the way as the timeline style, dynamic, overall operation and feel more smoothly. Around the big plus can display all kinds of consumption occupies proportion. Consumption category ICONS and colorful circular design, each category has a different color, easy to recognize. After inputting certain expenses, we can see one day in the main interface of the spending bill.

in the UI, “Timi time billing” also added a little feature, is an account, the user can “non-essential expenditure” for each pen to mark, the spending will be playing on the exclamation point, and then on the monthly statement, can be very intuitive display “non-essential spending” this month.

“Timi time charge” is a female finance site “her money” products, Timi time charge to an account in the future will also be implanted into financial services, but they emphasize these financial services will be combined with the user’s billing scene, the current Timeline “Timi time billing” all users of accounting information, and later will be according to the user’s accounting records, and based on personalized mining on the Timeline to automatically generate some users care about wealth management services.

DailyCost on market at present, Timi time billing, Ahorro and support is very good, the basic function of Monny interface and experience in different ways, of course, DailyCost and Timi with delicate style, support personalization, there are a lot of content for local optimization, there are advantages and disadvantages. Ahorro and Monny interface, although not enough delicate and beautiful, but use the bigger size of interface elements, to make the operation and appearance look more intuitive. Two App, of course, there are a few small problems, such as increased spending Ahorro experience some trival, Monny all needed within the advanced features of purchase, etc. In addition, for consumption chart generated, Timi and Ahorro function is more outstanding.