Time the door of the yuan: AR build dimensional machine

(text/He Yuying)

cloud network hunting note: AR (Augmented Reality), Augmented Reality, is a kind of real-time computing the position of the camera image and Angle and combined with the corresponding image technology, this technology’s goal is the set of virtual world on the screen and interact in the real world. Dimensional gate is such a AR experience as the core competitiveness, polymerization of many cartoon characters to build the APP. In simple terms, the user can through the gate of dimensional make secondary yuan become a part of the three dimensional animation characters.

in 2013 is a year AR industrial explosive, with the help of Google company strong appeal, stir-fry augmented reality Google glasses (Google Glass) hot. AR technology in artificial intelligence, CAD and graphic simulation, virtual communication, remote sensing, entertainment, simulation training and many other areas has brought the revolutionary change. The door of the dimensional founding team will attention on in the animation industry, in the summer of 2014 launched the APP.

dimensional gate through the patch form of video, 3 d animation, origami stage to bring the role of the cartoon world to real world, the derivative value for existing entities. Currently have introduced more than 30 anime characters for players to choose, users are secondary yuan lovers, scale to tens of thousands of people.

the door of the dimensional ZhuZhi hair tell hunting cloud network product manager, team members are mostly after 90, itself like a second yuan anime characters, so think of using AR technology production role, enables the graphic characters to life.

at present time, the door of the yuan introduced the concept of AR CARDS, joint painter drawing fan painting, printed PVC card as a commodity, customers buy the card after download the APP to scan the card can see a 3 d model of the anime character animation. Besides AR CARDS, cooperation with anime related peripheral industry is one of The Times the development direction of the door of the yuan. “We are now and who, network game has worked, commodity exhibition, the attraction of the two dimensional control.”

ZhuZhi sent to hunt cloud network is introduced, the team posed once launched anime character, which the user can see 3 d cartoon characters from the card. This mode posed in research and development, the future will be back in time, the door in the APP. At the same time in order to increase the user viscosity, dimensional integral mechanism, introduced the goalkeeper, users by sharing, checkin the accumulative integral can unlock more anime characters.

using AR technology to break the barriers between dimensional for creative is very novel, but the difficulty is higher in production. ZhuZhi think 3 d animation role by the user said that “like” is the most tactful criticism, so the door of the dimensional launched cartoon characters in production requires a high degree of accuracy.

“the door of the yuan as a condition of original virtual characters’ wei li, a simple model with forty thousand of the six thousand face, a dance set keyframes, team to repeat 10 times to check the timeline, to ensure that users see in three dimensional animation role of realistic strong.”

hunting cloud network learned that domestic AR penetration rate is not high, a lot of people don’t know what is AR. AR technology are applied in real life also very few, the door of the dimensional founding team want to secondary yuan as the breakthrough point, take cartoon lovers market, at the same time improve an online communication platform, build mass made of AR and AR atmosphere.