Time hut: focus on baby growth record of “small but beautiful” cloud storage tool

(text/Yang Sihui)

mobile Internet era has changed the way we record, communication, storage, but the expression of emotion and demands, and don’t have much change. Time cabin founder liu jie is a serial entrepreneur, worked as a shopkeeper “cloud”, “everyday coupons”, “bean melon move” and other mobile Internet products. After their daughter, liu jie found her daughter’s pics and growth record he very headache thing of fatherhood. Based on the “parents give children photos to record video too much, but their finishing” pain points, he had to do this kind of record for the parents of the baby grow product ideas.

the first time in December 2012, hut in the overseas, has quickly become a popular in Hong Kong and Taiwan children’s diary, in Taiwan, every day, every 10 a newborn’s parents have five use “hut” time to record the growth of children, in February 2014, the team set up mainland server, enter the mainland market.

time cabin to provide families with children in a form such as words, pictures and video to record the baby life space. The user to add baby basic information (name, date of birth, gender), you can generate your baby’s page, can upload photos, video, log to record the baby grow, and automatically collects the into the timeline. Users can through the address book, such as micro letter inviting family and fans pay close attention to the baby, the baby photos after the upload, the whole family can see immediately. In addition, the website security illicit is close, only by authorized users can access to the baby’s personal website. At the same time, the time hut also provide social function, the user can also through friends looking for partners to focus on the child’s growth dynamics, in the same age circle bask in Eva, communicate with each other.

in terms of competing goods, tell hunting cloud network team, “the company’s most direct competition is the baby tree website’s baby, the baby tree website is one of China’s biggest concern parenting website, the baby tree time formerly happy hot mama, in October 2014 transformation began to do parenting records and personal cloud storage platform. In parenting and family cloud storage, by contrast, the two years we have deep tillage, and team pay attention to product, has a strong power engineers. Purely by users reputation in the overseas markets has accumulated hundreds of thousands of users, we are very confident.”

at present, the time the cabin team 24 people, overseas still occupy a large part of users, users have + growth from 400000 to 3 million. Recently, in order to attract more users, the team will also introduce for baby’s custom photo albums and calendar app promotion activities within the production entity to print. Products in the future development, will try to print products at the same time focus on family cloud storage. As for the business model, the team there is no clear plan temporarily, may consider guide for electricity.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, at present time the cabin A wheel has achieved its millions of dollars in financing, B wheel plan is still in preparation.