Ticket prices than the C2B mode “custom” platform

(text/Zheng Dian)

with the development of Internet technology, if you are in the center of the ticket, ticket agent company directly buy expensive ticket outlets or the airport counter, that it’s out. Online ticketing website provides us with affordable ticket prices, convenient purchase channel, and has become the preferred plane travel tickets business people and ordinary people. With the development of online ticketing platform, C2B e-commerce mode gradually became popular in the tourism industry. C2B (Customers To Business) is a new kind of Internet Business model, “you offer, I hit single”, in order To change the tourism electronic commerce B2C mode user one-to-one offer weak position. Than net is typical platform C2B mode.

as an online travel service platform, than have to take the consumer as the center, through the coordination of supplier reverse pricing, reverse custom C2B model really travel to provide customers with satisfactory service, at the same time for the supplier to provide a broader channel choice. Company registered in the end of 2014, the product design and technology development started in June 2014. Than net by chengdu mentally enjoy make us technology co., LTD., independent operation, founding team has many years of online travel industry experience and technical background, the current team a total of more than 10 people, including product, market operation and development, the core members have experiences in aviation, tourism and other industries, is to understand the status of the domestic online travel industry and its development trend.

than for 7 years before Mr Founder zhao feng, airports and airlines ticket agent in informatization, familiar with the industry. He stood on the user’s view of the current online travel industry of some pain points: opaque airline policy, market competition of not reasonable phenomenon endorse, bet (back), and so on, customers obviously in a weak position.

in view of the world’s largest online travel service providers the priceline website is on C2B model has been a success, but the current domestic market only sporadic site in implementing C2B, zhao feng and try some like-minded friends than network is established.

zhao feng told hunting cloud network, “” than” 2 words, is “and” get “and” comparison “synthetic acronym. At the same time in English ‘bid’ plus noun suffix form, have the meaning of “bid, bidding”, to very close to the positioning of the net. China’s online travel market more than 60% of the users are price-sensitive, always shop around when buying products and services to the final order. Than we do net is hope to maximize meet the needs of this part of the people.”

than mesh on the features of the product planning including airfare, tail single travel, hotel, etc, has launched air ticket business, and hope that through the ticket cuts and improve the overall process of the entire site. Accept C end user price and supplier team wholesale price is the price difference between than the net’s main profit model, supplemented by advertising, commissions and other profitable way. Than the net mass users travel demand data collected by () does not involve privacy information is good for the airline class companies do market analysis and judgment. At the same time than the net are also actively explore other ways of business model.

zhao feng to hunt cloud network said that at present, the company has reached cooperation intent with three airlines, after complete technology and resources docking will be open to the user. The realization of the bargaining on the one hand to cut out the middlemen link profits, on the other hand make ordinary consumers enjoy the preferential policies of the suppliers to reduce the vacancy rate is given. Under the premise that guarantees the quality of the user to get a more favorable price. Current users to pay for the balance of 30 minutes if invite friends to assist bargaining, cut 6 yuan per person, as long as enough friends, cut down to 0 yuan is possible. If the user’s bid is not tall, haggling success rate is very high.

it is well known that the tourism market is a very big market, the scale of 2014 business has more than 3000 million. Although the permeability of online travel has not yet reached 10%, but also is a market of nearly 30 billion. Than hope to network through C2B model to do the user’s vertical segmentation, in order to occupy the market.

although at present only support one way ticket than net bargain, but in view of this market is huge, in the future there will be a huge space for development. Is expected in June, compared to net will support round-trip, connecting more bargaining process, and increase the international air ticket business. After the perfect ticket business, will launch the tail single tourism products business, products have good planning and design, is expected to launch in mid-june. Hotel business and reverse custom tourism products is also in the planning.

as a new mode of start-ups, than net always to consumers as the center to provide quality products and services. At present, the company was established based on angel rounds of financing, in the second half of this year plans to start the pre – A/A round of financing.