Tick carpooling zhu: why traditional car pool fire enough?

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as represented by a taxi software tools, emerging mobile travel services business is becoming more and more attention, “carpool” is one of them, which is currently taking a taxi giants almost haven’t get their hands on a piece of cake.

however, compared with drops a taxi, easy to transport, online car pool service market has been tepid, is still in the “much cry and little wool” situation, the existing mobile carpooling tools and services market is what? The problem? Which link did not get through and improve? Tick carpooling, co-founder of zhu in the March 7, hunting cloud network entrepreneurship class made dry share publicly, parse the C2C share economic model.

tick carpooling management team in previous years has been the deepening market, in May 2014, the company on the second startup journey, launch tick carpooling project. In September 2014 clicks, carpooling online car version of the application for the temporary initiate carpooling demand of users to provide one-on-one carpooling service mode, and has set up in November 2014 for IDG tens of millions of dollars. A round of funding.

why car pool fire enough?

at present, the concept of Shared economy has been penetrated into many industries, and carpooling is also considered a typical C2C Shared economic model. Zhu proposes carpooling not enough fire in the open class several reasons. Carpooling belongs to C2C mode, so the degree of standardization is very weak, the supply and demand of information standardization, fragmentation, complex transactions, the lack of trust mechanism, the influence of the carpool strong relationship, and compared with B2C, C2C service relationship is more vague.

zhu think carpooling industry definition is that the Internet thinking on the user experience of many significant changes to form a completely different experience, spreads out again through the Internet, to detonate a carpool market significantly.

for tick carpooling, trial and error to update of the products is the premise of guarantee the user experience. Tick the first spell a version of the carpool is similar to 58 carpooling channel. Moved to the offline will be offline carpooling scene, yanjiao area, mainly for the way to try to send breakfast. Through information broker, information standardization, drivers and passengers can initiate carpooling, don’t do the deal platform, bargain freely by the user.

but in the constantly try to tick the team found that the form of existing experience for the users to change is very small, “in the user just need to place, spontaneous formation of the standardization far beyond imagination, they have the experience of offline perfectly, a seat ten dollars.” Zhu said that the rigid demand for yanjiao area, tick spell edition think too simple, actually in the most needed areas are not suitable for.

due to spell a version of the trial and error, clicks, and do the limousine version can also be called by Taxi services, to provide users with a one-to-one carpool services. In the special edition, clicks, based on the experience of the previous provide users with a complete set of carpool service, position of standardized services to passengers, only passengers can initiate carpooling demand, providing on-demand service, zhu believes that demand is the most complete user experience, since the two problem difficult to solve, that promise a experience, at least to the essence of the carpool frame received the experience of the user can understand.

car pool service encapsulation, how to make the tick to c2c 2

zhu think breakthrough carpooling platform of market need to be able to reconstruct the user experience, c2c platform is the most important value, how to effectively will standardization is the most important things are not standardized, then tick carpooling is how to do c2c 2?

in the first place, established a series of the authentication mechanism of tick carpooling, refused to illegal taxis, the next step will also mail tunnels and countries, strengthen authentication, to reduce the failure rate of artificial audit; Followed by reconstruction of price and service standard system, establish the owner’s management link, clear rules, in order to protect the interests of both sides at the same time, cooperative development and China life “car insurance”; Finally implement human intermediary service platform, users by tick to solve all issues, community culture, through a lot of UGC anonymous comments to build the platform of viscosity.

a lot of people think that tick carpooling car version and drops, fast car is the same, to this, zhu also made explanation on public class. Zhu believes that tick carpooling not increase service, but the new configuration of social resources, in addition, tick carpooling created by the relationship between the drivers and passengers, is an encounter, is to help, rather than a service.

tick carpooling scene is most concentrated in the commute, so the owner of the order quantity is not high, the owner is not a professional driver, drop will not bring any cost to the owner. Tick carpooling to carpool positioning and a journey, bring commuting travel surprise and look forward to.

however, in terms of carpool itself, and there is no clear profit model taxi industry, now still in developing the user. By car dispute caused by the regulations and laws and regulations is a great risk, carpooling promising or not remains to be seen.

zhu to c2c business friends in the field of three dry:

1, don’t underestimate the power of people and multifaceted. A person’s diversity and initiative is very strong, need to be dug up, at the same time, entrepreneurs need to have confidence in market and people’s social communication.

2, change the mode, the innovation is far from enough. Entrepreneurs need to be able to see things in the future, have a strong sense of the future.

3, packaging services, try to do, his hands dirty. For the user to want a little more, there will be more rewarded.

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