Tick carpooling announced $100 million in financing, but with “the big ye mentality” is still the owner of passengers

on May 6, carpooling application tick carpooling today announced $100 million in financing, chong DE funds led, zhi capital letter, easily Shared, IDG and etc.

meanwhile, clicks, carpooling CEO Mr Song said after get investment, tick carpooling will continue to maintain independent development path. This round of funding will be used to increase the marketing cost, continue to improve and enhance the user experience, and continue to subsidies drivers and passengers, and thus more quickly and rapidly expand the scale of the user.

tick carpooling, founded in 2014, the previous tick carpool once got $10 million from IDG A round, round B received by easily Shared collar for $20 million, the $100 million for its C round of financing. Mobile Internet industry, it is also the first time chong DE fund investment fund’s investment mainly in Hong Kong, takashi after Howard and projects of investment in the mainland is mainly concentrated in traditional industries such as photovoltaic, solar energy environmental protection.

carpooling market at present, 51 cars, car announced every day tens of millions of dollars in financing, baidu drops a taxi ride business also is accelerating recruiting owners. Uber people’s optimal step is a second-tier cities in the heat.

although capital in carpooling hot market competition. But carpooling passengers according to hunting cloud network experience, there are a few problems worthy of attention: 1, carpooling is enjoyable experience, owner user should not have to break a promise. 2, carpooling belongs to Shared economic, passengers and drivers as far as possible equal exchange, owner is poking fun at the most, a passenger will take “the big ye mentality” .

views and ideas about carpooling, after hunting cloud network invited tick carpooling, co-founder of zhu in hunting cloud network business share public class, interested can!

listed zhu to C2C business friends in the field of three dry:

1, don’t underestimate the power of people and multifaceted. A person’s diversity and initiative is very strong, need to be excavated, and entrepreneurs to have confidence in market and people’s social communication.
2, change the mode, the innovation is far from enough. Entrepreneurs need to be able to see things in the future, have a strong sense of the future.
3, packaging services, try to do, his hands dirty. For the user to want a little more, there will be more rewarded.