Thunderbolt “make money” : the intelligent hardware power crystal plan will make money


today, thunderbolt released the first profitable “make money” smart products. Just as its name suggests, to make money even on ordinary router treasure, can help the user to make money, at the same time, as a thunderbolt crystal project hardware carrier of the cloud to accelerate service, will also help crystal plan in advance.

product overview

money treasure with black and white and two kinds of classic color, temporary not know later will have more beautiful color to better integrate into family. Make money treasure configuration: ARM architecture (A5 quad core 1.5 GHz processor, RAM: DDR3-256 MB, usb OTG, so 100 MBPS. Specific use, users can also through the APP (crystal mines) real-time monitoring their bandwidth resources, receive rewards and reflect.

in revenue, thunderbolt crystal mining settlement using the “crystal”, 10000 crystal exchanged for 1 yuan. According to the data provided by the thunderbolt, 100 MBPS bandwidth, run full can earn 1500 yuan a month. The 12 w power consumption, equivalent to a light energy-saving lamps, relative to electricity, negligible. What, broadband fee value back. May affect the normal film and television, game experience, crystal mines can also set a plan to “dig”, to make money, two fitting for experience. The method of withdrawal is micro letter envelopes, scanning micro letter number “crystal mines” there will be a public operating instructions. Taobao, the raise on April 27, online, as long as 79 yuan, still pack mail oh, kiss.

R&d background

on April 1, April fool’s day, thunderbolt $130 million sale of thunderbolt look, but it is a fact, veteran Internet companies “brokeback” survival after transformation of hardware products, and with the concept of “will make money” to embrace the user. Crystal plan starts, thunderbolt crystal technology team after repeated trial-and-error finally developed a new hardware carrier “make money”. Money treasure and combination, the router can be their own spare resources for effective integration and secondary use: on the one hand to improve service at thunderbolt related products, bring more superior service experience for the user; On the other hand will also open to the partner after the packaging optimization.

crystal plan

money treasure is crystal hardware carrier of the plan. So what is the crystal plan? Thunderbolt crystal plan in 2014 started in January, at present is in the charge of tencent cloud before President Chen lei led, thunderbolt crystal service object and traditional CDN object oriented, the Internet and Internet video game company. The technical principle is that users can use their spare upload bandwidth resources, through the “dig” crystal, crystal can be redeemed for cash rewards, etc. In short, the crystal plan can make use of social resources to solve problems such as bandwidth, storage, mobile Internet era.

crystal plan can make money collected thousands of idle broadband, treasure to index the popular resources into the place closest to the user, the resources transfer from “strive to break through the last kilometer” into “there is only one kilometer”. Thunderbolt users in making money, but also to experience more rapid flowing service experience. Thunderbolt can thus significantly reduce the bandwidth costs, and can be collected by the high quality broadband resources open to partners, that makes it possible to various industries resource transfer cost greatly reduced, such as video, live broadcast, network backup, etc., we have learned, millet is one of the first benefit of enterprise users. This will also be a thunderbolt emphasis in the future business model. So, crystal plan with Uber, reality is different.

it was reported that by the end of 2014, thunderbolt’s: thunderbolt download application, fast thunder bird, portable WiFi, and many other products a total of 360 million independent user traffic. “Thunderbolt’s many products and effective set through fusion, achieve good viscous interaction with users, so as to integrate a higher degree of user experience brand-new product ecological circle”, thunderbolt product director xiao-hu Yang said.

in the future, thunderbolt will continue through technical innovation and upgrade services to provide users with value-added services, will be open leading core technology for chain upstream and downstream partners, to provide a data across the big Internet service, free data like water smooth and cheap.

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