Three signs that your startup is ripe

author introduction: Easy Taxi is one of the world’s largest Taxi application, it is headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Paul? Mali, is that it’s global chief marketing officer.

early in my venture plan to set up startup, I carefully opened a preliminary technology company.

has just started, we will make the company in a garage. Now, it has become an international business company with millions of dollars. However, never some question exists in such an abstract micro economic system the fundamental reason behind. More happily, after the company was founded, there has been a steady stream of capital inflows.

although apple and netscape standards they have set up the startup expansion, but there are some problems in more than 20 years later there is still no answer, such as “what entrepreneurial company was set up after the long can be regarded as a mature technology company?” , “what causes these companies from the beginning to the mature change?” And so on a series of problems.

so, I have picked up a notebook to write down some of my ideas, including me of some of these problems are put forward on the above speculative answers. After all, our rapid growth by 10 employees in two years to 1600 employees of the company can no longer be considered a startup. Company grew rapidly, let everybody can tell us what time the startup into a mature technology companies, no one to be told. Based on the research on the developing impetus for most startups, I made the following speculation:

startup to a mature and organized transformation technology company behind is not a simple word can generalize, and to consider comprehensive factors from various aspects, including legal, economic, the company’s internal operations, and product areas, etc.

for almost all of the mathematical model can not accurately calculate the company’s transformation that point in time, I decided to some transformation has been successful entrepreneurs for help, after all, their company had been in the process. I from the world’s top startup and chose about fifty, lists their list of general manager. Then ask to the transformation of their respective companies.

including Facebook, ExactTarget (a cloud-based marketing tool company), as well as the reality, about half of the company’s managers gave me some constructive answers. Based on these small amounts of information, I made a rough figure of statistics.

for “what marks the startup is matured” this problem, the statistical data for:

0%, almost no one believed to be caused by IPO;

24% of the companies considered to be signed with some big customers and receive large volumes;

19% of the company think it is caused by the change of the internal structure of its transformation;

transformation is close to 50% of people think company comprehensive factors under the influence of many aspects of the natural process for the development of the company;

10% of the company thought to be caused by other reasons.

in the first place, can have 48% of the company’s managers to realize the transformation of company is the company’s internal and external factors under the action of the result of the development of natural, I expressed very gratified. Secondly, there are a large part of proportion of managers income large turnover as the cause of the transformation of the company. In addition, nearly 20% of people said the leadership structure of the company’s internal changes are important factors that lead to its transformation. To my surprise, almost no one thinks the IPO is the sign of the mature.

point 1:

the change of the internal structure and the transformation of the company with close ties, it is obvious. Can even say that the change of management is the main cause of the company. Company structure changes in the organization management have become the main power to promote the transformation of the company.

“I noticed a trend, most companies have just started out almost all employees are engineers, and even all staff will focus on research and development of a product. Then as companies mature, demand for longitudinal development team will be higher, we, for example, from the early stage of the backend front sales, research and development to the later we began to consider the demand of the consumers, etc. This shift keep our each team have smaller scale, operation part of the company, and help them provides consumers with more complete use of experience.” MobileDevHQ (an app store for mobile developers to optimize company, headquartered in Seattle) chief executive Ian seve mann said.

“I think the company’s organizational structure is an important symbol of mature. Of the early companies may be mixed in with all departments, division of labor is not clear, once we hire and promote more people to centrally manage a department, you will find the sector development quite fast.” SPROUT SOCIAL (budding SOCIAL) chief executive and founder Justin? Mr Howard said.

“we hired more experienced management staff.” Christine growing company general manager gus said.

point 2:

mature companies do pay more attention to revenue plan. We can imagine one can continue to predict the next quarter revenue of the company must have its startup phase transition.

a startup from “development first” to “make money” speed is really shocking. When a user base as part of the reasonable scope, market competition has lost certain necessity, investors tend to turn to a new development direction. No matter what the real trigger is undoubtedly affects the company’s mature financial plan.

“we have been in the sales and distribution capacity and financial planning and administrative measures of revenue forecasts are closely linked.” ExactTarget (a cloud-based marketing tool company) chief executive Scott? Mike ASHLEY cole said.

“since last month forecast fiscal revenue, our company gradually matured.” FIKSU (a company in Boston, is designed to help a mobile application developer more effectively for new users) sales vice President Christine? The galvin said.

“to make clear the exact trading and financial forecast future become the important component of the company.” Kenshoo Israel marketing software developers, chief marketing officer, said Aaron Goldman.

view 3:

regional differences exist obviously. The Brazilian main emphasis on the humanities and company culture, and Asian people more focus on large customers. There are some companies they reverse to follow the law of the development of the startup.

“we implemented the enterprise resource planning.” Beto RIOT (American game developers) chief executive? Blanc said.

“execute faster.” LINE (Internet group in South Korea NHN Japan subsidiary NHN Japan launched communications applications), chief executive of Shin Joong – ho said.

“we always prioritize to distinguish the products in the first place.” Company (established in 2007 in bangalore, is the world’s second largest mobile AD network) one of the founders of Abhay Singhal said.

to summarize my research results, a start-up transition into a mature technology companies is caused by many factors. Even if these reasons vary, but they for most of the successful transformation technology companies are in common. First of all, the mature technology companies have very complete organizational structure, a clear division of responsibilities. In addition, in addition to fore-and-aft development team, some transverse staggered development team often plays an indispensable role.

second, these companies also have the ability to plan and predict accurately next quarter’s revenue. This is if you can make a profit quickly and efficiently, and complete is closely related to large trade. In addition, early startup is really pay attention to corporate culture and human resources. Advanced enterprise resource planning system, clear the key performance indicators and project management skills are a lot of entrepreneurs as three stealth technologies mature driving force.