Three minutes to do a dish, mommy “hutch for home users to provide the accurate product food services

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cloud network hunting note: mommy “hutch is a start-up O2O mode, solve the problems of the urban working families crowd dinner, offer quasi finished dishes to target groups, mainly to solve the pain points in the cooking process is complicated, time-consuming. It is worth mentioning that the level of millions of start-up capital of the company’s founding team of investment, the confidence of the team for the project. In addition, the team also plans through self-built logistics and set up offline store a combination of further improving the user experience.

urban mainstream every work is faced with the problem of “what to eat tonight”, normally a family to complete the buy vegetables every day, wash, cut, preparation, cooking this several process to eat meal, it’s a sore point for office workers, usually after eight o ‘clock in the evening to eat rice, time-consuming and time-consuming.

mother fast cooking is how to solve this problem? “Mommy” hutch prepared dozens of people often eat the food, the user through the APP or PC choose dishes after placing orders, within the scope of the coverage area, by logistics team for the user to send food to your door. Food is finished product, finished product degrees higher than the ordinary clean vegetables, food needed preparation also contain among them, the user through simple making, can directly eat, take three minutes or so.” Mother is cooking, founder and CEO Chen Jian told hunting cloud network.

according to hunt cloud network know, mother is cooking the target population is between 25 and 50 high income family users, including many families, all have children, aged between 0 to 18, they for the sake of the child’s diet security generally cooking at home every day, avoid to eat in a restaurant. From this perspective, semi-finished dishes door-to-door service still has certain market demand, but how big is the market? Still need to draw a question mark.

the Chen Jian told hunting cloud network just for chengdu, we target the consumer market of 26.6 billion (the data provided by the mother quickly hutch, hunting cloud network does not make any endorsement), we hope to finished quickly putting in chengdu, has certain advantage in the market, with the power of capital to copy the model quickly to fast-paced first-tier cities such as 3.

mother’s kitchen more ambitious goals. Chen Jian told hunting cloud network, we hope that through continuous provide diverse personality service, become urban mainstream consumer groups in the middle of the kitchen, set up covering major cities of high viscosity high density community store network, network platform and ground become household food consumption first entrance in China. Person, always want to have the ideal, one thousand achieved?

the planning of the development, hunting cloud network know that mother’s kitchen has established offline store plan, expected time of 9-12 months in the future, to set up 50 stores in chengdu, each entity shop covers 4-7 high-grade residential district. Will expand 3 first-tier cities, such as in addition, most capital cities and economically developed, fast pace of life in the city will be in the subsequent development plan.

competing goods aspects, is similar to that of the mother fast cooking mode comparison has announced a multi-million dollar funding young gentleman. Cloud network hunting is the difference between the two made a simple comparison. A kitchen dishes, mommy is close to the mature product, youth, jun is ready, cut semi-finished products; Mother is cooking for home users, young vegetables monarch for individuals or couples users; A kitchen unit price aspect mommy 45 yuan (3 dish one soup), youth was jun 15 to 20 yuan (two dishes). To hunt cloud network inconvenience much comment, readers friends do judge yourself.

team, mommy “hutch founder Chen Jianceng as many fortune 500 companies responsible for marketing and sales, is a serial entrepreneur, had previously worked in a chain of children’s photography project, creates the brand by two years to do the first sichuan, four years did China top 10. Co-founder and VP LeiJun in cost control, new business development has a wealth of experience, technical director Chen Wansong have 10 years experience in software industry, 5 years experience in mobile Internet, research and development of products has millions of users. The current team number 15.

the author’s opinion, whether in the field of O2O entrepreneurial teams can win, mainly includes three main, one is the operation and promotion ability, namely the execution, whether can in the limited funds and resources under the premise of rapid accumulation to do the initial seed users; Second, the product research and development team can be based on user feedback fast iterative optimization of products, make it can meet the growing pain points of users needs, and flow pressure; Three is whether the leadership team has the ability to access to capital market recognition, good if you can’t hold A startup project financing rhythm, A team can do, B team to be done. Mother is cooking subsequent developments? We have to wait and see.

according to cloud network understanding, hunting a kitchen has launched the angel round a mommy. “The team is expected to be an investor can not only provide funding support, more hope to find a mentor, raise is not just money, more hope to raise investors’ knowledge, and even the whole world.” Chen Jian said.