Three Indian science students make the most accurate and cross-platform comparison tool

cloud network hunting note : it is universally acknowledged that indians racial talent is to save money, is different from the Irish thus skimping and jews for the pursuit of cost-effective, indians save money is literally: pick the cheapest that buy! When three Indian science students found that they bought is not the cheapest goods, after a new price comparison website.

the three Indian institute of science and an unpleasant shopping experience is placed in the same environment, join the school monthly economic subsidies as a catalyst, the reaction will produce a new for you after price comparison website.

do the ideas of the software from Gaurav Dahake and Prashant Sing on the iPod choose birthday gift for a friend online shopping experience. Obviously as Indian they want to play a race talent selection of similar products in the cheapest that buy, after three hours of selective, they finally under the orders, but things are not so simple: after their friends in the birthday day to receive this gift. Dahake and Singh also found on another website with cheaper money.

cannot absorb the kid another member of the team after Sethumadhavan, three students start their own in the process of forming their startups: BuyHatke. Founded in 2012, the company has 200000 rupees (about 20000 yuan) of the registered capital, mainly provide online product and price comparison service.

science young entrepreneurs face finally cold and cruel business world. As a college student entrepreneurs, they face including legal issues is completely unknown, don’t calculate the profit model, not clear what kind of service mode, and don’t know how to registered trademarks, and so on all kinds of problems. The beginning of the entrepreneurial some investors with the tech entrepreneur team conducted a series of contact, however, the trio eventually chose self-raised funds from scratch.

now, the site has more than 100000 visitors daily, they through affiliated websites, advertising, and on the homepage of the franchised dealer list gained considerable profit.

BuyHatke by its unique system scanning fifty different site to analysis the cheapest option and found 25 million items associated with coupons. At the same time it also provides powerful charts and the specific price to remind. Users can through the mobile phone client about the price and specifications, through a web browser on more than 4.7 million different items. At the same time, the price is quite a plug-in can be mounted to the Google Chrome or Firefox browser.

BuyHatke with Android, iOS, and WP platform’s App for users to choose, the users only need to download a can compare the prices of all 50 sites, and the function of our App to provide payment.” Dahake said.

however, the same PriceBag, MySmartPrice, PriceCheckIndia, PriceBaba or Find Yogi compared to those large portal, the competitiveness of the three science living BuyHatke apparently also sent a little, however, the large door always will they crucified on a platform, browser or mobile terminals or terminal, no one can like BuyHatke compatibility between different platforms.

by an automatic detection system, BuyHatke detect all 50 sites of price changes, the company said their software monitoring of hot commodities with over 97% accuracy. But not so tight commodity which occasionally appear some problems, because they are not all are in the shelf, the price of detecting occasionally cause an error.

not just to a hot commodity on the detection of problems, occasionally BuyHatke App have some defects on the user experience, user need constant refinement of keywords to find oneself want to focus on the price of the goods. A simple example, search “PS3 games” keywords that will be the result of the 40 or so, only however, in fact, there are tens of thousands of the corresponding products.

a more intuitive algorithm and more in line with the user search system requires resources and experience. From the user level, however, when we can choose the result of limited, we will often to give more attention to the popular similar goods. Perhaps producers on the relevant goods and rating under some effort will be a more effective make up for congenital deficiency of this app.

BuyHatke expected at the end of the first quarter of 2015, covering 100 e-commerce sites. A member of the team efforts to achieve this goal. They all remember the unpleasant shopping experience. Add a new site in BuyHatke means: the reliability test for the monitoring of delivery time.