Three body: “the opposite”, dedicated to the development of audio and video + data real-time collaborative middleware

(text/Zhang Huiqian)

in the white-hot Internet startup atmosphere, what is “+” in the Internet, became more and more people to consider the problems, the importance of the business model has gone far beyond the technical ability, after all, in today’s technology are developed, to build a website, make an APP, build a server, is not what needs to be struggling to conquer difficulties, how to make the technology combined with their own products, and to show the most perfect out, that’s the key to entrepreneurs to care about. Hangzhou three body network science and technology, however, “the opposite”, specializing in technology, is committed to research and development of audio and video + data real-time collaborative middleware, such as text chat, audio, video, whiteboard, document sharing, desktop sharing and other people – people API function together. Their business direction more is to solve the Internet how to break the current technical problems still exist, combining audio and video functions better with other areas.

three technology CEO Zou Xuejun say, conventional Internet startup project is not our strengths, now the market is a young man, young people don’t understand the psychological, only consider the business model, certainly do not want out of market, and the audio and video technology is myself and the team’s strength. Zou Xuejun graduated from zhejiang university computing department, before starting a business in the world’s leading companies webex network meeting suppliers, core team members are also well-known at home and abroad from Cisco, webex network video conference and telecommunications companies, the whole team has ten years of network video conference and communication system related product development and operating experience. Reflect the market now a webex department of entrepreneurs, mostly doing audio and video technology related fields. Zou Xuejun think their products and other products, the majority of people do is a SaaS model, the three body is hoping to make it a PaaS platform.

3 science and technology at the core of the product is called avatar body, namely take the Open AVD – Audio, Video, Data, due to the avatar, the name has been registered, the late may change, but the essence of the product is a fully functional all Audio and Video + Data real-time collaborative middleware platform, designed to help the third party partners convenient to various real-time collaborative interaction between people’s ability to introduce products. A PaaS platform, is directly on the website to rent a server, provide the AVD technology to other companies

the user wants to use it to invoke the programming interface Will you need to program and AVD combination, so AVD will eventually become a b2d platform, programmers through this platform to do secondary development with our program. Of course this to the development of products such as enough mature stage.

Zou Xuejun said team are developing the technology, mainly to see the market pain points, many places need to be applied to assist in communication technology, people now on the market of the common video software such as QQ, YY, mainly used for personal social scene, and can provide AVD, the scene is in a meeting, support thousands of people at the same time the ability of video conference. And Office Automation, health care, education and so on dozens of industries can use AVD technology, wide prospect of market. Especially in the medical industry, according to the assessment, remote consultation by 2018 there will be 11 billion yuan in the field of market capacity. As an example, the remote medical needs is the most basic technology audio and video communication, combines AVD third-party product needed, but at the same time, the medical records, X-ray and even wearable equipment real-time data display on the screen directly, in case of an emergency, the doctor diagnosis can be directly through the video and display data, remote consultation is more convenient and efficient.

AVD can provide both p2p mode, you can also use the MCU center forwarding technology, and comprehensive support iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac, Linux, HTML browser, set-top box, smart TV, all terminal altogether. Is particularly worth mentioning is that webRTC spent eight years through HTML 5 standard, makes three company to develop in the new technical framework, is also the first domestic do support both native browser, PC client, mobile client, the set-top box can be barrier-free communication company. Zou Xuejun tell hunting cloud network, can, because team to track the direction for 3 or 4 years, from the beginning of last year the official start of the planning, spent a year to write code from scratch, has now completed the first generation of products. Second, although the video itself is a mature technology, but a long return period, especially the real-time communication direction, so have the ability and the company intends to develop the direction actually not much.

now 3 body and several listed companies to collaborate on a private cloud, in order to obtain sufficient funds to make the team can develop, and use of this process in integrated polishing products. Zou Xuejun tell hunting cloud network, the product really is not in the future, but in the platform of the development of autonomous attract users. Now the product version 1.0 has been basically completed, the next thing to do is to redesign website, promotional AVD technology. Hope hope that by the end of next year, three body platform has 50000 registered personnel, they now need financing.