This year’s Google I/O, or you will see these new products

on May 26, hunting cloud network

May 28 this year, Google will hold the annual Google I/O developer conference, there will be 6000 people in the industry.

Google I/O is the annual event, the android system is the new version, new Google browser, and Youtube services, has not yet been published experimental Project Project Glass, will likely debut here.

before the opening, the main content of science and technology companies have been predicted the conference, the following is the most attractive this year a few predictions.

new version of the Android system (Android M)

on the new Android M’s name comes from the Google I/O web site about the content of the I/O developers conference last time. Content, points out that the next generation of the android operating system is indeed has the letter “M”. Of course, Android M (internal code: macadamia nut cookies) will not be the last name.

we from Google and recent meetings can sniff out the following three points: one is that Google designed for corporate users of the android version of the enterprise, designed to apply to all kinds of work scene; Second, the voice control function strengthen; Three is to notify the center has been optimized.

some of the other fact mentioned ahead of fingerprint sensor, similar to the apple ipod Touch ID Android Auto update, the Nexus equipment upgrades that children’s version of the app, Android wear iOS compatible and Google Now API (application programming interface).

Internet operating system Brillo

it is reported that Google is developing a smart home project called Brillo, don’t make it confused with the sponge with the same company. I’m afraid this project is Google’s biggest action in the Internet of things, and is likely to be integrated into the new android system. Listen to the news, we can’t help but want to ask whether our society is also need a great platform for the Internet of things?

a recent movement is Google spent more than $3 billion for a smart home Nest.

the new Google photo

to see the new Google photos. Reports that Google images will not be integrated into Google +, it also led to a Google lose faith in Google +.

new Android Wear

there is no doubt that Apple Watch is a frequent visitor to the media headlines this year. Recently started selling Apple Watch does turneth the edge of the Android Watch cover, but Google did not throw in the towel. On the I/O, Google is expected to at least able to release an update package. Is likely to Google will release iOS compatible program, this time for apple users can use the Android Watch. The current situation is that only Android users can use the Android Watch.

Google TV stick 2 generation (Chromecast 2)

the first edition of Google TV stick, released two years ago. During this period, the software system has been updated for many times, but has failed to upgrade the hardware. So the speculation that the Google will be released at the conference Google TV rod 2. As Google executives Mario Queiroz mentioned in October last year, the company is developing a new version of Google TV rods.

new Material Design

Google may be based on the new features of the Android M MaterialDesign updated. The Material Design is based on the android App development standards.

of course, Google may not update development standards, but from Google to be used in the web development point of view, the Material Design may have multiple update later.

Pay Google (Android Pay) published

Google in March of global mobile communication conference in had announced it is developing, called Google mobile payment software API. Site Ars Technica predict this API will be released in this week’s issue of the I/O, declared: “the platform will provide the store to pay for third party applications or purchase services.”

Google Now API

after the part of the developers to participate in the test, Google could be released in the 2015 I/O Google Now API. Google executives Aparna Chennapragada already in March of this year’s SXSW conference revealed in this matter. This more increased the possibility of its release.

Google Glass 2

and the above several prediction compared to the new Google glasses the possibility of release will be smaller. But there are still some in the industry analysis, although Google suspended before Google glasses, but is still likely to mention the future version. Google didn’t give up the project, but that doesn’t mean in the general assembly will mention the content of the new Google glasses. Let’s wait and see.


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