This year’s apple worldwide developers conference has what to watch for

iOS and Mac OS will release the updated version , there are a few other surprises

on June 8, 2015, the next week, we will soon celebrate the annual WWDC Apple (Apple worldwide developers conference), then there will be a lot of “big”. Apple will launch the iPhone, the device, and a new generation of the Mac operating system, and massive expansion of music software and services.

take a look at the WWDC next week there will be what to watch for:


a: a new generation of iPhone /the OS

every year’s WWDC, Apple will release a new software, this time is no exception. IOS9 is expected to be in the autumn and a new generation of iPhone synchronization. According to tech blog 9 to5mac, new system on the basis of iOS7 or 8 add new functionality is less, mainly focus on the stability of the system upgrade, fix bugs and security before a new generation of OS can and compatible device (e.g. iphone), etc.

of course there are also new features, such as Apple Maps will implement the bus, subway, train route query service, such as the general can realize multi-tasking – meaning that the user can run at the same time operating two App, and the latest in personal digital assistant “Proactive”.


2: a new generation of Mac OS

and mobile OS, Apple Mac OS X 10.11 new computer system will not have too much change on the design, more is the improvement of the performance optimization and back-office functions. Mac OS X10.11 Rootless will join the security system (iOS prediction will join), refused to user access to certain files, in order to prevent malicious programs attacking, enhance security. Mac new systems will also introduce the new font San Francisco, and Apple use on Watch at the same font.

third point: paid music subscription service

with the Wall Street journal, the Apple on the streaming music business is finally going to play a game. Apple is expected to be released next week new music paid service, a monthly subscription fee for $10, enjoy music without limit. Apple and the way of company profits somewhat similar, but there are also differences: the new subscription fees outside also through some of free advertising to earn income, but Apple is by providing a few free stuff to achieve promotion purposes. Surprisingly, according to the Wall Street journal, Apple will be open to Android devices music paid services.

Four: read

iTunes Radio will update , open popular DJ channel

Apple official foray into streaming music is for the first time in 2013, Internet Radio service iTunes Radio. But when streaming music market is mainly the Pandora and iTunes Radio launch failed to cause much reaction. Apple plans to iTunes Radio for innovation, the popular DJ channel as a hot spot. Recently Apple to BBC radio DJ, Zane Lowe include, Zane is said to have played a leading role in the innovation. According to many predictions that Apple intends to invite Drake, Pharrell such famous musicians as DJ, hiring fee is as high as $19 million.

Apple TV may not be a

a forthcoming Apple pay – TV service may not be released next week. According to Re/code, Apple under outside pressure has been released in delay pay – TV program. If pay – TV, people can watch TV on the Internet. Apple is in consultation and television network, mainly for markets and the local radio station to reach an agreement. Believe that Apple pay – TV unique properties make it in the Sling TV media in the flow of cheap dwarf Internet TV service.


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