This old game because adding a function then govinda App Store for 66 days

the player to puzzle hand swim the Trivia Crack “and that kind of addiction. According to the latest figures, the Trivia Crack “cumulative downloads has exceeded 130 million, and 100 million times last month.

the Trivia Crack “has been on the App Store, and lasted for 66 days in a row, breaking the” you draw I guess “(DrawSomething) of 36 days straight record kept in 2012.

AppData, according to data based on revenue, the TriviaCrack ranked 17th. Develop the game Etermax game studios CEO maxi, slip Tony (MaximoCavazzani), according to benefit from the application in buying and advertising, “Trivia” Crack brought high revenue for the company.

TriviaCrack is a puzzle to confirm small game, a total of 6 kinds of subject categories: sports, arts, entertainment, history, science and geography. In classic mode, players in the form of a rotary table randomly selected topic classification of each answer. When a player after continuous answer three questions for a random classification problem answer, if this 4 problem players all right, then can get a medal. Instead, players whoever has a problem didn’t answer, the game right to each other, until the other party wrong, returned to the game right.

the Trivia Crack “early launch at the end of 2013, but increased until a program called” problem factory “(QuestionFactory) after new features, truly got the favour of consumers. “The question factory” allows the user to submit their own problems. Now, the problem of user submitted every day number up to 1 million. But because each question need support from 100 users to be approved, therefore increases in actual quantity only 1500 every day.

this relatively slow approval process also allows users to feel upset. One user from Dallas, said: “submitted for these problems, we had many idea, because we love the game. But if they can’t update in time, so the game problem will repeat.”

TriviaCrack popularity is impressive, but this is not the first to get players of the wildly popular “unknown” the small game. QuizUp was the fastest developing iPhone games, but now have long been forgotten.

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