This is not an airborne, this is an air raid – southwest entrepreneurship roadshow success!

(text/He Yuying)

9 a.m. on April 25, 30 points, chengdu tianfu software park is coffee, the first cloud network hunting start-ups in southwest road show began. There are more than 150 projects signed up for the roadshow, filtered 30 projects eventually have a roadshow. The roadshow activities until 5 o ‘clock on the afternoon of the 30 points, the scene whether investors, founder of the project, the audience and media workers are live in a social network refresh, hunt organisers cloud network is frequently by their name. This day in the southwest area entrepreneur circles, a innovation service media – from the misty cloud network hunting ( official public appearance in chengdu. For us, of course, this is not an airborne, this is an air raid.

who we are?

as early as the early hunting cloud network substation in chengdu to plan, set up a substation was came to the land of abundance chengdu, because here in Internet business atmosphere and to the force of government support policy.

cloud network hunting is a focus on TMT reported entrepreneurial innovation in the field of emerging media science and technology, focusing on the new company, new products, new model, in addition to service domestic high-quality startup, also focused on America’s silicon valley technology development trend. In addition, reported online platform to open business courses, docking, investment and financing platform of the Next product,, incubator, etc., we will jointly professional third party institution for startups to provide professional legal, financial, intellectual property, business management, recruitment management professional consulting, financing techniques, etc. We regularly organize entrepreneurial public class, excellent project roadshow activities provide entrepreneurs with communication, learning platform. Overall, hunting cloud network hope is the escort of entrepreneurs entrepreneurship.

hunting cloud network headquartered in Beijing, and tranquility “chengdu branch, hangzhou stations have been built at present, the future will soon also in Shanghai, shenzhen, xiamen and other plant our flag in entrepreneurial atmosphere thick area. The settled in chengdu are not just a parachute, hunters will cloud network in chengdu, and even the entire southwest area with our efforts across the Internet industry, entrepreneurial innovation for more entrepreneurs to help. The most important thing is that we are doing everything is free. Hunting cloud network with an open mind, looking forward to more partners depth cooperation with us.


the first cloud network hunting start-ups in southwest China roadshow from April 10 to start planning, just 15 days more than 150 projects involved in registration, because time is limited ultimately selected 30 roadshow for excellent project. Cloud network invited to hunting matrix partners, mango fund, capital source, fortune venture capital, venture capital, angel bay ready capital, the vc, five Ren Fei funds, IDG capital, honeycomb vc, rice capital advantage, capital and other famous investment institutions involved in the roadshow. The vast majority of investors from Shanghai, Beijing, hangzhou, chengdu, chongqing and other places airborne which major VC institutions of southwest business circle and the time value a roadshow.

at the same time very coffee, tianfu entrepreneurship, chengdu association of science and technology business incubators, kechuang, Kim rong hui, evonik power and honeycomb vc, judgment, activists and other agencies also offer the selfless help. It is because the partners of assistance, the first cloud network hunting start-ups in southwest roadshow to within 15 days from a vague idea to become one of the largest in southwest roadshow.

9 a.m. roadshow start check-in approach, in addition to starring in the project team and outside investors, activity attracted many entrepreneurs and investors in view, the event was, more media workers all-the-way tracking report. 30 project is divided into morning, afternoon two fields, and each project roadshow for 10 minutes. In as little as 10 minutes, the founder of their seize this precious opportunity, more in order to relax the mood, attract attention, founder and singing on the stage.

it is worth mentioning is the heroine of the roadshow, all say men to conquer the world, women conquer men, but in the roadshow, the founder of the women to watch. Founder of crazy car wash after 90 Jiang Yin Hu Yazhou founder, baby I, pan fragrant smoked cao cheng, founder of the insulation are in the process of road have free from vulgarity. Especially network the examination room, co-founder of Xiong Yang, as a hot mom, because net with her husband all the mickey, founder of the science and technology to join the road show, had to give up her daughter’s spring outing, go into battle with a lovely daughter family.

in addition to the youngest “founder”, the first cloud network hunting start-ups in southwest China roadshow has attracted the participation of foreign friends. E pedicures Ceng Shibin good brother, Roger, founder of the airborne for display in chengdu from abroad, specially and power expressed Ceng Shibin expectation and wishes, perhaps the most fun in the way of career in addition to success and the way of harvesting friendship.

after the roadshow?

after the roadshow, hunting cloud network received many accolades, but we don’t stop. Hunting cloud network headquarters friends quickly statistics the roadshow score and investors to evaluate projects, the selection of the 10 most valuable items, they are: McGrady endowment, lovely baby side dish, black box, 16 times, sugar pot, medical treasure, movement, cloud table about CRM, the cloud images, nine pigs (below) attached project profile. At the same time there are a lot of road project received the interview invitation, cloud network hunting hunting cloud network will be giving them the opportunity to media, business and provide more help.

of course, investors did not stop, the scene of the roadshow is founder of the project received multiple investment institutions to the private chat invitation, we are happy to see through the platform investors hunting cloud network seamless docking, entrepreneurs to speak freely and excellent project. After the roadshow, many entrepreneurs in micro letter in the circle of friends said the next week in the busy, this docking opportunities compared to thank for hunting cloud network will be given greater power.

the first cloud network hunting start-ups in southwest road show is over, but the cloud network on airstrikes in southwest China is just beginning. Hunting cloud network believe that through their own efforts to discover more excellent entrepreneurial innovation projects, help them to solve the problem of entrepreneurship, docking for financing. Hunting cloud network is not only a media, but also an innovation service platform, we are willing to do successful entrepreneurs “stepping stone” on the road, in the southwest business friends? Are you ready to accept our “attack”? Hunting road of the cloud network will do our best to make your business easier!

most valuable project introduction (in no particular order) :

1. McGrady pension

is designed for high-end custom pension institutions in research and development of intelligent pension management system. Health cloud as the core, by older terminal, nurses, children terminal and terminal management platform, based on health cloud data applications to realize a comprehensive intelligent management, solve the pension institutions at the old man careful care of the contradiction between demand and shortage of nursing staff, the contradiction between high operational risk and brand building, one-way communication children trust low contradiction, etc. McGrady endowment from the perspective of the 2 b business, and then extended to 2 c, to provide comprehensive wisdom pension services.

2. lovely baby see

food show is a focus on maternal and infant market Internet companies. “Series product is children assist food as a starting point, serve the pregnant/lili/baby App market nutrition guidance. The lovely baby see series professional nutrition diet as the breakthrough point, use high quality graphic/video, help mothers make nutritious healthy baby food. “Eclipse” series products, the lovely baby see online received including the App Store, since 360, dandelion, millet/application treasure market multiple applications such as recommended. Line 8 months, more than 700000 users. The core team from well-known Internet companies, Internet/electricity project experience for many years, second startup.

3. Black box

black box electronics was formally established in 2012. Has established the long-term foothold in chengdu, Beijing, shenzhen development base. Black box unit is controlled by a engaged in intelligent hardware and Internet of things technology outsourcing developed in the field of commercial systems technology company, has a strong research and development in the field of Internet of things and the intelligent hardware and supply chain integration ability. The main development direction: intelligent hardware (apparel products, consumer electronics); The network (wireless network, wireless communication); Wearable business:

4. 16 times

is an online travel community. App Store travel stability classification within 80, millions of independent web site a month also UV. We believe that fragmentation of travel share referred to as the main community sharing scenario, hope that through tools + + social community to complete the heavy vertical.

5. Sugar pot

is a focus on the child’s education Internet service platform, for parents to provide the most suitable solution for early childhood education growth. For parents in choosing kindergartens, educational institutions, training centers, family entertainment, education method, education tools in hard, cannot compare, lack of objective reference, kindergarten education choice as the core, with professional education experience in leading and comprehensive analysis of the real data for parents to provide the most suitable education solutions. In solving the preschool education choice pain points, but also for the child care services industry provides a perfect commercial channels and platforms.

6. d take treasure

medical technology was founded in 2014, by the medical device industry and senior experts to create large data field. Founding team in their respective fields with an average of more than 10 years of working experience and extensive network, covering sales and after sales, research and development, supply chain each link, by integrating the domestic top big data team and industry resources, to build online service platform of medical equipment, for the national large and medium-sized hospital medical equipment to provide full service life cycle of equipment. The current service category including nuclear magnetic resonance (MRI), computed tomography (CT), breast machine, ultrasonic, etc in the high-end video equipment spare parts, maintenance and service the warranty data.

7. About sports

is a unique domestic sports sports platform to make friends, more than its APP in the mobile phone market rated as high-quality goods application, we aimed at China’s biggest sports O2O closed-loop platform. Chengdu bird child technology is created by a group of young people love sports Internet companies (Solomo mode). Main members of the team from ali, 360, renren, Qunar, in product design, research and development, operating level years million Internet users products experience, at the end of 2014 years to get the lenovo group of angels