Then look at Microsoft, look from Win10 “iOS and Android first” is correct

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since Microsoft CEO, since he took office, is developed for Microsoft “mobile first, cloud first” the transformation of the strategy. In the strategy under the guidance, Microsoft on the iOS and Android system showed unusual, relative to their Windows Phone system is “very cold”. And the policy tendency, also make the industry will be Microsoft “mobile first” policy dubbed “iOS first, Android first”.

look at Microsoft’s embrace of two systems: iOS and Android to what? Besides a familiar Office, Skype, OneNote, OneDirve, applications such as Outlook, MSN, Microsoft’s latest “Microsoft project” garage application and some exclusive Xbox game have landed on a large scale. By Venturebeat released in December 2014, a study of the App Store and Google Play, the Windows Phone Store for cross-platform application research result shows: in the App Store, from Microsoft application has reached 74 in 2014; In Google Play, Microsoft also reached 45 ‘application.

but after entering 2015 this kind of hug is continuing, the rhythm of the Microsoft bringing their application to the other party platform is still not stop: recently for the Office applications on the android test; For apple, are more enthusiastic, recently when Microsoft is another lightweight email application for apple.

of course, Microsoft’s this crazy on iOS and Android applications, while ignoring the practice of your Windows Phone, also makes Microsoft ecological consumer complain on it. Many consumers said with Microsoft makes this behavior is difficult to accept, and I also is one of them.

as a Windows Phone users, I to this kind of behavior of Microsoft, is a rather disgusted. So I wrote the “at the time this article struck a chord with many Windows Phone users. This article at the time of intention is a express personal anger over Microsoft such behaviour, the second is more want Microsoft to notice that Windows Phone users psychological feelings.

I was wrote: “I believe many of WP fans have such feeling, the Microsoft WP is more and more disappointed, not because of WP is becoming more and more weak. On the contrary, WP in development step by step. For home WP disappointed because Microsoft will WP marginalized, ignore their own user’s psychological feeling, let Microsoft WP into a heart can’t catch the user of the system. Microsoft in the new head for us to show that a thriving scene also WP user has nothing to do with us. Because enjoy the feast to another is not our, but apple and android users, we have forgotten in the corner by Microsoft. Finally, I said, we are firmly opposed to its platform marginal behavior, we ask for fair treatment. “

today, let me personally in a Microsoft Windows Phone consumer’s point of view to Microsoft this practice of now, I’m still hard to agree, the heart also is aggrieved. But standing in an industry observer perspective to look at, and I to the policy of Microsoft did understand, think this is the rational choice of Microsoft. Especially Microsoft Windows 10 after release of the operating system and Microsoft Build 2015 conference, combinative oneself preview of Microsoft Windwos10 system use feeling, I think Microsoft’s cross-platform application policy with great accuracy.

1. “iOS first, Android first”, Microsoft’s rational choice

Microsoft after, came to power, open the originally belongs to a series of exclusive application Windows Phone. It makes the platform had to calculate some advantages or features. This is also cause consumer dissatisfaction with the fuse. Standing in the industry point of view, however, Microsoft’s approach is rational choice, and tastes of the curve for national salvation.

as our Windows Phone users, for Microsoft’s Windows Phone ecological dilemma is to have feelings, because the share of the market small platform, from some silly force dubbed the one percent we were also evident. Microsoft on the mobile ecosystem because have said many times before a variety of reasons, a few years down, was too slow to open the situation, any all the time, make its market share is always low, at around 3% compared to the market share leader in Android and iOS, but gap is huge.

if Microsoft has remained closed their application, make its locked on Windows Phone, so the effectiveness of these applications, Microsoft can produce only to within 3% of the tiny market; And the outside 97% of maximum market share will be Microsoft’s competitors divide, when Microsoft on productivity advantages will also cease to exist. Closed, therefore, may be able to please our Windows Phone user’s heart, but closed to clamp down on Microsoft has the good application potential of the play, is Microsoft’s future.

and open Windows Phone on these above, their application, log in to the App Store and Google Play will make Microsoft have the chance to grab the market share of 97% outside the Windows Phone system. This will make Microsoft has the potential of these high quality applications have a larger stage to show, it will bring new opportunities under the new era of Microsoft. So open road is Microsoft’s rational choice under the realistic considerations.

2. Windows 10, let “iOS, ensures the Android first” more rationality,

crazy pushing Microsoft core application into iOS system and Android system, not only expand the application of Microsoft’s core user base, more important is to cultivate the iOS system and Android system users to use Microsoft application software user habits. And the arrival of the new Microsoft operating system Windows 10, is Microsoft’s previous “iOS, Android first” policy is more rational. Because Windows 10 will serve as a catalyst so that Microsoft’s hands have a chance to become a reality.

although Microsoft can’t possibly catch on the mobile side of Windows Phone 80% of consumers, but Microsoft in the PC, Microsoft has more than 80% of Windows users. Microsoft in the PC huge advantage, but previously did not make this advantage. So Microsoft Windows 10 on the use of the first year free upgrade strategy to revitalize the Microsoft accumulated huge advantage on the PC. According to Microsoft’s plan, all running Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 7 users are able to free upgrade to Windows 10, the purpose is to make massive rapid upgrading to Windows 10 PC users, expand Windows 10 systems share.

10 system characteristics and Windows, Microsoft had to Google Play and the App Store to Office, OneNote, OneDrive, Skype, Outlook, MSN, etc. The efficiency of application. Why? Because these applications in the mobile terminal has become the platform is most widely used, and Microsoft on Windows 10 has been pre-loaded with these previous these core cross-platform software; And thanks to Microsoft’s cloud behind, making a Microsoft account can all governance, and let the user get continuous seamless experience.

from the over a period of time that I use for personal use feeling, Windows 10 bring me an unprecedented ecological experience, make me a sense of some back to not go. Windows 10 brings me is unification of efficiency and collaborative experience of continuity, is a simplified operation process. Under the Windows system 10, a Microsoft account and Microsoft’s cloud power makes all across the operation have the coordination and continuity. Here, everybody has understood that Microsoft had push the purpose of the cross-platform software, Microsoft needs is used in the user application form using the Windows. And habits once formed, the subsequent good everything will be easy to do.

Software platform

Build 2015 conference in Microsoft, Microsoft and depicts the cross-platform software for its more space to imagine. Microsoft is working on the core software platform, let the core software change bearing platform. In the Build 2015 conference Keynote speech, first, Microsoft demonstrated Microsoft rich extensibility of the core software functions. Through a series of plug-ins, can greatly extend the boundary of applications, such as cooperation with Uber plugin, you can use the Outlook startup Uber take a taxi. And the expansion of its Office software has to be able to run in the Office on the desktop and online version and the version of the iOS.

Microsoft “iOS, Android first” strategy more give a person a kind of feeling of infinite imagination. Microsoft’s core application software can be in the Office from platform into the reference, will they make for each application platform. And these software cross-platform features, more can let they stick more users, which makes the software in the future have more bigger space.


a little playful, says it’s in the wash for Microsoft, but from an industry observer: Microsoft chose “iOS first, Android first” strategy is very reasonable. Because Microsoft in front of the mobile market of their own reality, have to choose their own way in the future. Is to please their users and then closed die; Or sad your users and then opened into the camp. Microsoft made a reasonable choice, the choice is open, its core application into iOS system and Android system, and let them go for the iOS and Android’s huge market share. From the reality, it is a very wise choice, and under the Windows system and Build 2015 conference, these applications show the strength. More cross-platform strategy for the future of Microsoft added more space to imagine.

of course, a little to not say that is: although choose strategic focus on reasonable, but please don’t Microsoft in reasonable strategy under the excuse of doing not reasonable. As an ordinary consumer, after Microsoft’s more open after the baptism, to accept, but their own application experience, the Microsoft update behind the iOS and Android system behavior is not acceptable, I still said we need you to Microsoft everyone equally.

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