The years of big data blasting: these five areas “nuggets” the most

cloud network hunting note: nowadays hottest concept “big data”, as an industry jargon, filled with online newspaper. Obviously, we have stood in the turning point of an era, the globalization of the Internet, mobile devices, universal, cloud storage, low cost, the material world network, for “data explosion” saving energy, is about to turn to a new chapter in human history.

the contemporary famous Danish physicist Niels Bohr (Niels Bohr) once said: “prediction is very difficult, especially for prediction of the future.” In the era of science and technology are rapidly changing, the same is true of today’s a bold prediction, might be tomorrow’s has become a fact. For wide application of technology and market trends forward-looking anticipation, is a severe test of today’s entrepreneurs and executives, about the success or failure of a business empire.

niels Bohr

in addition, to predict the future is like ancient magic crystal ball and interesting, but the application of the data is not as easy as excavation. Now, let us with the us Internet private-equity firm Insight Venture Partners, general manager, Deven Parekh perspective, go look at the big data era will bring economic and life what new opportunities and challenges.

under the large data of terrorism

recently caused quite a stir in the SONY pictures by hackers attack, was a blatant state-sponsored cyber attacks. Temporarily not discussed it, but in this case, SONY pictures network system was hacked, employee information such as letters, compensation and screenplay was leaked, a large number of public fears the height of the SONY internal data.

now every fortune magazine fortune 2000 companies are thinking: my company data security? If the data were made public, will place me in where? At the same time, the security software company is also committed to the development of large data analysis software, to help enterprises to better protect the security of the data, avoid future attacks.

under the large data of civil liberties

a data-driven decision making tool not only applied in the business world, at the same time also is widely used to select the most suitable school, doctors, and the employer. Also, companies with large data analysis software to find and hire talented staff, or select the target customers.

however, if all the above are based on the privacy of citizens? Big data will include the content of the citizen’s choice of life style, health, and even racial, gender, or age, not deliberately to infringe on their citizen’s privacy, just in order to make a decision? At present, all schools, companies and public institutions are established to protect privacy, fair and anti-discrimination regulation, and enforcement as a strong backing of the government. Big data era brought about by the inevitable invasion of privacy and civil liberties issues is gradually known to the world, how to protect the civil right and keep up with the rapid pace of big data research, worthy of our thought. The

big government data

in 2015, expect the government more transparent and practical data. In general, the public sector is an important data source of the private enterprise, government data can allow more enterprises to large data used in the products and services, maximize its utility function.

Climate unexpected weather insurance company in San Francisco Corporation as an example, it analyzes meteorological departments have huge amounts of weather data to predict the future possible damage to the agricultural production of all kinds of weather, provide the corresponding agricultural insurance for farmers, to reduce the effects of bad weather on agricultural production. Median and the U.S. real estate information query website, through the use of the analysis data of the federal government and the local government, including satellite photos, tax assessment, economic statistics, dynamic for home buyers to provide comprehensive real estate market.

under the large data of personalized medicine

there are a larger debate, even in the privacy data already in the fuzzy boundaries in the field of health care. Whether described it as “precision medical treatment”, or “personalized medicine”, is the application of the health care system and wearable devices of digital and got behind the two trends, are quietly innovative health care industry.

in the near future, the doctor will according to the patient’s genome, activity levels and real health, custom personalized medicines and treatments for patients. And at this point, the average patient’s response to a specific data source treatment is not important, because there is no patient will refuse the best treatment, even at the expense of some patients right of privacy.

health information technology is the hot areas of investment, but clinical decision is mainly consisted of physicians in clinical guidelines, instead of big data. In the future, large data analysis are more likely to break the situation, change the human health industry.

under the large data of digital learning

the United States each year in the public basic education and higher education spending as much as $1.2 trillion, but the students’ grades and policymakers still cannot achieve the desired performance, but also triggered a education workers and the school discussion of education system reform. Support reformers think education system should be introduced market operation mode, highlight the student test, accountability and performance appraisal; But opponents think it should improve the teaching work level, increased the investment in teaching resources.

but both have a common understanding, in terms of digital learning digital learning inside and outside the classroom is an unstoppable trend. From large online course development to adaptive learning technology, is a personalized teaching material transfer to each student, teaching technology with large data environment get the development by leaps and bounds. From the name of the familiar to the unfamiliar nouns, and constantly have new digital products, change the traditional mode in the place the content network share, but fundamentally change student’s study way, and time is change the way teachers guide students’ progress.

to sum up, from the simple to the development and utilization, the real data in five areas of profound changes will happen, and how to boost the economic transformation and change of life, in 2015 is undoubtedly the big data of the years of blasting, let’s wait and see!