The world’s three big soft testing institutions revoked qihoo 360 certification

a few days ago, the world’s three most famous authority AV – Comparatives antivirus software testing (hereinafter referred to as “the AV – C”), the AV – TEST, and VirusBulletin (hereinafter referred to as “VB”) joint reversed qihoo 360 product certification and rating, since this year all think their product is cheating.

the three agencies believe that 360 to test the product and the actual distribution of products by the user showed significantly different behavior.

22 and just last month, at the scene of the international conference on RSA, qihoo 360 was because in the outstanding performance of PC and mobile security products, AV – TEST, the CEO of Marx on 360 booths for the related products.

the AV – C in the evaluation report indicate that qihoo 360 eligible product 360 AntiViru source (, the English version), and “not QVM” special emphasis on the engine. But in 360 the official Chinese website, 360 English website ( can’t find 360 AntiVirus download entry. Suggesting that qihoo 360 eligible products not domestic edition (360 anti-virus software), nor international edition (360 Total Security), but in order to participate in the international evaluation get good grades, and then make a version of the marketing specifically.

at the same time, the three major evaluation agency survey results indicate that qihoo on the measurement of all product in the default opens the Bitdefender engine, but qihoo your QVM engine still never be opened. On the contrary, in the area of qihoo 360 main market, the default Settings are closed but QVM engine Bitdefender.

VB JohnHawes chief operating officer said: “this kind of thing is not good for everybody. Independent testing service for users and manufacturers, at the same time show which products best, struggle which aspects the manufacturer. If send measurement products and real world use of product is different, it will not be able to provide any useful information.”

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the graph is the AV – C statement on evaluation of the original