The university teachers and students interactive operation platform sole 】 【 A + class sent millions of angel investment

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today, A + class sent founder Cao Shunda told cloud network exclusive hunting, has been in 14 in get wei-dong ma seed fund investment, at the end of 12 complete A favorite investment by China at the end of the millions of angels, the money will be mainly applied to the technology development and team building.

class to send interactive technology co., LTD., affiliated with Beijing love lesson 12 monthly salaries in 2014 in Peking University incubator. Founder Cao Shunda who have served in baidu, where to go. Co-founder Chen Jiebin worked Yu Aiji art product technology center. Main members of the team from baidu, iQIYI, etc., has a rich experience in Internet industry.

class pie is a platform to help the teacher corrects students’ papers, at present there are PC and micro letter end product shape, product launch earlier this month to micro letter platform, App is under construction, Cao Shunda tell hunting cloud network: “actually find micro letter platform is very good, can in time to push the user, not occupy memory, users won’t because of memory and unloading.”

class of user groups is the undergraduate and postgraduate teacher and student. The domestic teaching management system and high automation management there is a big gap compared with abroad. The author thinks that, the classroom of this model is more advanced in China, while saving time and manpower on the double the cost, but in the user group of the above will inevitably limited, because the pattern of novel, so it has much to do with the user’s personality and the ability to accept.

using the method, the teacher registration form class after he received the invitation to deliver a 6 digit code, code will be invited to tell students, students can quickly join the class. Classroom sent including online homework, class attendance, course resources sharing and communication between teachers and students and answering questions, online classroom management tools. Online homework, for example, classroom sent supports more than 40 format document transcoding, loading speed is superior to the common document. Automatically save comments, feedback and ratings, quickly generate results summary, also provide function of rechecking during the course of operation. Have a combination of direct messages communication between teachers and students, teachers and students both sides provide a question and answer exchange platform.

Cao Shunda said in an interview with hunting cloud network “class currently has 10000 + users, now B end user or the traditional ideas, the school or by buying a server for the use of the teacher, and the classroom is more like ali’s cloud services, provide docking interface directly, save the cost of the server, and improve the efficiency of the teacher.”

on promotion, the class has 10 campus ambassador within campus teacher recommended products, campus ambassador after class training, have enough knowledge of products, to teach the teacher how to use the platform. At present, the classroom concentrated in the Beijing area promotion, later also to other power is a second-tier cities.

class dispatch will extend to push team, to talk to the school. Cao Shunda told hunting cloud network: “for startups, this school’s talks with mode has some risk. Again, the examination and approval system layer, process will be slow.”

in my opinion, although there is no on the classroom a large user group, but a grade, as long as there is a teacher in the use of, so relevant in a class or a few class’s and grade’s students will become the user with teacher.

product since September closed until now, according to user feedback, has been in constant iterative products, the lack of obvious on the stability of the system and function aspects have made a supplement, but cannot guarantee that meet the needs of everyone. According to Cao Shunda, send the latest version of the class will be launched in early may, the function is complete.

don sent there is no profit model, but later will consider to provide users with value-added services. On students Shared resource platform for students, students can sell their notes and information on the platform, buy other users by integral, and the classroom platform paid commissions.

in foreign countries, this kind of high automation management model has been verified, but under the Chinese system may not be approved quickly. Classroom pie is the most important still is in terms of promotion, make more and more teachers to learn, use, dissemination, and then to trial and error in all directions, found insufficient by constant practice.