The university entrance exam decompression treasure: high examinee O2O App mental health management

Wen/Shen Xiaoxue

under the good situation of medical O2O, markets for domestic huge psychological health mining is no longer a piece of blue ocean. Recently, the cloud network interview hunting to chongqing is a new branch of science and technology co., LTD., founder and CEO PuGuoFei, for its products “college entrance examination stress treasure” in-depth understanding.

“decompression” college entrance examination in July 2014, is a O2O mental health management application, product positioning in order to help users mental health counseling intervention and effective intelligent APP gives specific solutions. Decompression treasure from the level, the university entrance exam is mainly for university students, parents and teachers, to alleviate the examinee and the study daddy mama psychological stress, help examinee college entrance examination as the main function.

PuGuoFei graduated from Peking University, EMBA, over the years has been chongqing youth chamber youth entrepreneurship mentors. Why has the entrepreneurial ideas, but also from an experience about: in 2013, I was in a youth education training received such data, according to health development planning commission and the national related department statistics, China has 30 million teenagers in the sub healthy state of mind, youth learning pressure, family pressure and emotional confusion, annual suicide caused by psychological stress of 25 to 280000. Through the data analysis, and the average 3 minutes to have a youth suicide, this number deeply shocked me.

PuGuoFei speaking, by the research team and rough estimate, the real data may be far beyond this. So I had this idea: algorithm based on big data support, through the way of the mobile Internet to carry out the spirit of early warning push, reduce the occurrence of the event, to reduce the frequency of suicide and murder.

specific to the product, “the university entrance exam decompression treasure” in the mobile terminal is equipped with test experience sharing and counseling to two kinds of services, both for the university entrance exam, mutual help and the university entrance exam objectives, study daddy mama, the university entrance exam lucky star, one-to-one consultation and decompression audio module; In offline will be landing activities, “the university entrance exam decompression treasure” already contact civilization office and cluster system, for the college entrance examination candidates, parents’ mental health, the public tour of the ground, make a lot of psychological consultants and psychological doctor walked into the campus and community.

for the field of online counseling, in fact, the user a particular focus on professional consultants. To hunt, PuGuoFei cloud network said: “the university entrance exam decompression treasure” psychological consultant team from the university postdoctoral experts, and social psychological consultant, at the same time invite director and deputy director of the mental doctor provides consulting services, through professional screening, team has more than one hundred people.

when it comes to compared with similar products, PuGuoFei confident said, decompression is the domestic first went into the high examinee college entrance examination in the field of psychological counseling products, strictly divided positioning in the crowd. Other similar products of users for the general public, and even some class medical applications with psychological counseling plate, also are the form of pure online consulting, rarely in offline, some do better application, also pay more attention to the online module.

in products more partial instrumental perspective of psychological health, the “college entrance examination stress treasure” is how to realize the profit? PuGuoFei convective cloud network said: early didn’t consider profit, we want to is how to perfect the function of the product, how to better serve our customers. Later profits can be more direction to explore, such as a handheld decompression APP will launch next, the user lock for college students and urban white-collar workers, providing them with “assessment, consultation and treatment” one-stop mental health management service. In the second half, we plan to include one, two cities of the country’s rapid advance in 15 markets, advocating common price, at the same time advocating more public welfare, for free.

it is understood that the college entrance examination stress treasure is angel investment negotiations. PuGuoFei told hunting cloud network. Hope to have more and resource matching and we can provide professional help investment institutions involved in the project. At present, mental health field is in a state of disorder, we have such a dream to guide and standardize it. Also called for the investment community authority can heavy focus on individual mental health and mental health in society, rapid incubation, promote their growth, and the ultimate goal is to make more contribution to the society and the country.